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MYSQL database Test

Hi, when I started my account, there was a database called Test in PHPMyAdmin
First, it was empty, but later it got filled by some Halflife-stuff, probably a CS-server. I didn't put it there, who did? I have a strong password.
Now, 1 or 2 days later, the database is empty again.

Who is changing my MYSQL?
Even I have observed this. I think it appears in everybody's phpMyAdmin. Don't know why.
I can view this sql database im my phpmyadmin too ,I'm a web developer,I'm often use mysql to build sites for my customer,I'm meet this quesition often,I think test is a default database in mysql,It's a common database,I think there no more hole to hack,don't mind it! Razz Razz
webbone wrote:
I think test is a default database in mysql,It's a common database

Yeah, webbone is right. The 'test' database, is in fact, a test database (who would have known? Very Happy). It is a default database on the server, and appears in everyone's phpMyAdmin. You can put stuff in there, but it's pretty stupid to do that, as everyone can see the database, and your data might suddenly get deleted.

Just ignore it, and it won't annoy you Very Happy
yeah, i think it's used by phpmyadmin itself. for some reasons, i saw it having 2-4 tables within it a few days ago when i was checking on my other databases. i think it has some uses.

i also was a victim of that test database. i placed all important tables there and *poof* it became coco crunch!
what is MySql exactly? and how do i use it?
burningjacks wrote:
what is MySql exactly? and how do i use it?

It's a storage system. If you don't know it, you'll probably not need to use it at all.
n0obie4life wrote:
burningjacks wrote:
what is MySql exactly? and how do i use it?

It's a storage system.

Pfft... "Storage system" Very Happy

MySQL is a popular, open-source relational database system. It's basically like Microsoft Access, but a whole lot faster, and with lots of useful features (like the in-built date functions). It's basically used to store data. Lots of PHP scripts, like phpBB (which this forum is powered by) use MySQL to store the data.
I think make sure you unplug your server from network and lock your computer to make sure another person cann't used your database thus make you sure no everbody can used your database and then If your database empty again that mean your database have some problem. Else your secury database not strong enough.
THis topic was already there in here. And it was locked by moderator, but why again the same chapter is repeating.
ok, I am experienced with Microsoft Access. I just wasnt sure exactly how to use MySql...does anyone know a good tutorial?
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