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Can't he use those files?

One of my friend has below problem.
He can't use his files stored on D. Becuause he was encrypted those files and then reinstalled Xp to C. Now when he opens those files it contains nothing.
Can't he use those files?
Hmm... Not so sure on this topic. Probably find the decrypter for the program you used to encrypt them, then decrypt them. I'm not sure though.
The simple answer is.. NO!!! You have no way to be able to decrypt those files..
When you setup a user account, it has an ID. Something like th UID/GUID in Linux distros... The problem is, you don't know what it is and you Windows doesn't even let you change it...

Now when you make a folder (or a file) private (encrypt), then only you would only have the access to those resources. What happens is that Windows checks if the user trying to access the said resources is really you. Windows does this by checking the "User ID" or whatever it is.

Now when you reformat your disk and reinstall Windows, even if you input the same username and all, you wouldn't likely get the same "User ID"... In that case, you'll never be able to access those files/folders again..

By the way, I think those "User IDs" are randomly generated... So it's very unlikely for you to obtain the same IDs more than once...

Hope that helps...
If so I think encryption is bad thing in windows. Because i will lose all my data if i can't boot windows despite data will reside on other disk.
If you want to encrypt files you should really use a seperate program (ie. instead of Windows own built-in encryption feature)

Depending on your needs, there are several good free options:

GPGee - This adds a right-click option to encrypt files. It uses the GnuPG encryption program. This is the free equivalent of PGP, and you can also use it for email encryption and digital signing.

TrueCrypt - This adds an encrypted "safe" on your computer. You just open it up, type your password, then use the encrypted space like another disk drive. When you're finished, close the safe and it's fully secured to AES256 standard (that means very strong encryption)

There are other paid solutions - Steganos Safe being an excellent one - it's similar to TrueCrypt, but has some more advanced features.

Interested in Email Encryption? Full instructions available on My Site.

Hope this helps. I would probably recommend TrueCrypt to your friend since it's only files he wants to encrypt, but remember: Encryption is only as strong as your password.

Very Happy
Yeah man. You should just use 3rd party encryption software... Windows' encryption really sucks.. It doesn't give you full control. I lost gigabytes of data because of that.
He can access those files without a problem. He can use a few tools:

BartPE or any linux livecd (I recommend Knoppix).

BartPE is a windows "livecd" maker and he can make a windows "livecd" and boot it, then move the files on D to another drive or whatever he wants.

As for Knoppix he just has to download, burn and boot. It automatically detects NTFS and FAT drives.
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