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Excel macros

Hi all
Ok I am at my wits end here. I have a excel spreadsheet template that contains macros for daily office tasks that I am trying to use at home. Both the computer at my home and at my office are using office 2003 on a xp OS. The only difference is that the work computer has a slovak interface pack added whereas my home computer is English. Everytime I try to run a macro I recieve varying error messages from macro not found to 'subscript out of range' Question to 'invalid procedure or argument'.
Anyone have any ideas and do you think that the difference in languages could be causing this. Question
Hmm, dunno what is it, but let's try!

Are you sure both Offices were installed the same way and with the same features (at least the minimum ones for it to run)? Maybe the one on your house is missing something from the installation. If you have the CD, try putting it and running the setup program, then just click on Repair, should work.

Or, the Slovak is causing this bug, can you change your Office at home to Slovak too? Or changing the office's Office (that was good Wink ) to English, it won't hurt anyone... I think Razz .

Anything just post!
Surely, unless the macros were typed in slovak, the language difficulty is not the problem.
1) make sure that all of the files that may be referenced exist on both computers.
2) make sure that the macros are embedded within the workbook, and not saved seperately.
Ok thanks for all the advice
My problem is solved....well more like a quick fix. I have installed the slovak language interface pack onto my home computer and now everything works perfectly...besides the fact that I am forced to work in Slovak now...which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that I don't understand the language....thank god for
Ok so still not sure what was causing the problems but now have more time to figure it out.
New problem. (sorry)
Is it possible and if so how to create more than one user on my home computer and then have the user interface set to different languages, in english and one in Slovak? Creating users and their profiles I am used to but not setting this property.
Any ideas?
This is still for the first one:
In Excel, all the functions are translated! (I am Hungarian, so I know that.) This was very stupid of Microsoft. So, if functions are used in the macros, just find that in English and replace the slovak name. Also check the worksheet itself for functions!
Good luck!
macros are always dodgy, try copying the file and re-creating the macro's on your english pc. if not buy a laptop or something which you can use both at home and at work Cool
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