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PHP POP3 webmail script

Ok i have been working on my pop3 mail software for sometime now, however i cant seem to make it automatically create pop3 accounts in my directadmin so i figured i would manually set them up. However my software allows you to create an account and login and send mail using sendmail or smtp but they cant recieve mail without having the pop3 account setup within my directadmin. This means that i MUST manually set it up but that proves a problem seeing as i have it writing to mySQL and the table is encrypted so when i go to setup thier account i dont know what pass they used therefor the pass's dont match and it dont work.

Basically what im getting at is what do you think the best route for me would be to go? Does any of you know a way that i can make it automatically generate a pop3 account in my directadmin? Or is there a way i can decode the pass in the mySQL table? Im kinda stuck and not sure where to go from this point.

heres the link if you guys want to check it out.
I don't think you can bypass directadmin and create accounts yourself. The best way to do it is to ask your users to send you a mail. Then you create the account with a temporary passwd. They can then go to webmail and change the passwd.
How would they be able to change thier passwords associated with thier pop3 accopunt within directadmin with atually accessing directadmin?
When they login to the webmail using temporary login, they will see a change password link. Using that link, they can change thier password. You won't see that link if you log into your directadmin mail account.

You should be able to access your webmail via <your frihost domain>/webmail
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