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A Internet Browser I wrote

I wrote an internet browser program last night. And I want some people to try it out. Please don't compare it to Firefox or internet explorer, I am just a beginner. And please post some comments so I can improve it. It is called RUBY BROWSER becasue I named it after my girl - type - of - friend, it's her brithday last week, so I name it after her.

Download link:;4646312;;/fileinfo.html


Not much as of right now, but I will add more.

- Back
- Forward
- Refresh
- Go to Homepage
- Stop
- Print

- Address bar input

- Set homepage
- Set e-mail provider
- Set search engine

- Check e-mail
- Go to search engine

- A spinning circle on right hand side to show speed. Slower = loading page, faster = finish loading. Or if stop for a long time, it mean server not responding

Functions to add

- Send e-mail from the browser, no need to log in to email provider
- Favorite lists
- Notes, remind yourself something next time you use again
- Change skin
- File Upload page
- set file upload page

* Please note, I made this with a game making program, not really for making programs, so I am limited to some functions...
Dunno if you've heard of this or not...

I've been using this program for years now, and have been very satisfied with its features and the finished products.

I've created internet browsers, CD autorun programs, screensavers, MP3 players, EXE-contained MP3's that will show album artwork, liner notes, credits, as well as lots of other neat programs.

Take a look at: Multimedia Builder MP3, by a company called MediaChance.
(They also produce a lot of other really good software.)

Another piece of browser creation software you might wanna look into is Browser Bob.
I've also had great results using that. Wink
well, those programs are more professional and cost way more and a lot.

My program only cost $20, but I pay nothing for it, I advertise someone's site and they got the register version for me as reward. The free version is good enough, but register version is better.

The one I use is called Game Maker ( it supported DLL, that make it a unlimit program, becuase with DLLs, you can basically do anything, you just need to find one that fit you.

So far, I made: a lots of 2D and 3D game, media player, CD Player, attpemted to make a DVD player (but fail because the DLL was made not for the DVD rom I have), a 3D building walk through (for class presentation, present what a spinning mill looks like inside and out), movie, anti-virus program, secret message encoder and decoder, CD key generator [for my own games, not crack key]...

Well, with its function, I can make, but didn't yet: A powerpoint slide, screensaver, music voice and sound recorder, military type access [a screen whcih you have to log in to gain access to certain files in the net], MMORPG, Multiplay FPS, C++ encoder, Basic encoder, php encoder, html encoder, Robotic programming encoder...

I think it's good enough for me, I don't need something that professional and cost me that much money Wink
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