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John Steinbeck 'Grapes of Wrath'

This is MY favourite book, a very clearly written seven days of fun Smile
Personally, I am not into Communism but I can not resist Steinbeck's style of writing. All straight to the point.
I'm currently reading Of Mice Of Men for the second time. I'm reading it for joy but also because I'm studying Steinbeck and his writings in English Literature. I've never heard of 'Grapes of Wrath', whats it about ?
It's about farmers in the U.S that had their land taken off them by the bank and they want it back (it is based on communism too), it's a good book but don't be discouraged by the thickness of it Smile

Of mice and Men is an excellent book too, generally most of Steinbeck's books are in my opinion.
I'm more encouraged by the thickness of a book than discouraged so don't worry about that, I might check it out
Yes, I have read both of Mice and Men as well as Grapes of Wrath, and they are both so bluntfully tragic in their own ways, Steinbeck is one of the only authors that I feel truly captures the essence of "American tragedies", and that's why I like him, because Im not into many american novelists/writers, but Steinbeck can really bring what to me is a boring history to life.
Steinbeck is very different isn't he. I'm currently debating (to myself) wether or not the ending to Of Mice of Men is good or bad. I think that I would have preferred the ending of the novel to end in the descriptive text of nature which is in so many of the other chapter endings rather than in speech which only happens in one other chapter (i think).
I think it should have ended in description rather than speech because Lennie is the person that distrupts nature so it would only make sense to me that nature would return to its peaceful form once he is dead.
I found Steinbeck more bearable in Of Mice and Men than in GOW, mostly becuase Of mice and men was about 1 /1000000000000th the size of GOW!
I enjoyed GOW a lot, a significant classic of political literature. Very strong.
Maybe not as well-known as Grapes of Wrath or Of Mice and Men is East of Eden, Steinberg's epos of three generations of a family settling down in the Salinas valley in California. It's a little longer than the two aforementioned novels, but still in the same precise, to-the-point prose.

I'm prepared to say that East of Eden is the best Steinberg novel I've read. Except from the excellent presentation of the various characters of the story, you also get a good insight into American history between the Civil war and WWII.
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