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check out my website pls

hi all check out my web site and let me have any comments you might have about it

thanks wilsond
Is it the first time you've created a website? (I bet it is). I'm not usually this harse but I hate it. To make it better I would center everything to the middle of the page. I would also change the background from white -> black, change the text colour from black -> white, change the title from <title>JONES TRANSPORT SERVICES</title> -> <title>Jones Transport Services</title> as the original looks too imbrasive (is that a word?), remove the odd y> at the bottom of the page, make the title smaller, add on image of some relevance under the title:

you also have an extra </html> tag like so:





this is also where the add y> is as you can see. I'd also change the writing so all of it wouldn't be CAPITAL LETTERS (IT CAN BE SO ANNOYING AT TIMES)...

I'm also wondering why this is like so:

<p><font size="4">Welcome to THE WEB SITE OF JONES TRANSPORT SERVICES<br>

It looks really odd on page although it seems deliberate

All-in-all in my opinion this is not as good as you think it is. It seems to me like its your first time so I'd read up a little more info before fuly making a website. i must admit though that mine was exactly the same, if not worse, as well as most of others peoples that I've seen.
OH HOLY CRAP LOOKS LIKE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH A BROKEN CAPS-LOCK KEY... Laughing Don't type everything in capitals. It makes it look like you're "shouting".
You might look around for some free templates that might work for what you want. and even if you dont use them you can use them for a starting point. even look at the way they are written to get ideals. this is the way I learnt myself to write html and php.
Looks a bit too bland.. Just looks like you have typed that in notepad or something
Nutorious wrote:
Looks a bit too bland.. Just looks like you have typed that in notepad or something

Yeah. I use TextPad! LOL. Just kidding. But seriously, I made all my sites in Notepad, and they turned out just as good as most made with Dreamweaver.

Wilsond... um... go to
and download Dreamweaver free trial.
Can I call you?
Hehe! Nice site Shocked

It's so simple though so informative.
I'll do business with you soon ... Surprised
Prety basic... you shoud learn PS
it will hellp you!!
Go find some tutorials in the forums you can find alot of tutorials for PS site building Wink
I'm just goin out on a lymb here...but did you use frontpage to design that site. It defiantly looks like it.

For a first site there is nothing wrong with it, no major script errors so kudos there but for JONES TRANSPORT SERVICES this isnt a very impressive corperate site
maybe get to know photoshop, dreamweaver, paint, frontpage, anything really. a little beter. Make it not quite so ....caps lock, lol. At the bottom, theres just kind of a link that says howard. maybe make it something like email howard, or email us?

other than that, welcome to the website making business.
thanks all for your comments i have taken them on board and will go back to the drawing board and do a few alterashions that you have commented on

thanks again for your wonderfull comments lol

the website is a business site?
yes that is correct
this is for business?? and you work for a company to make their site? learn photoshop, dreamweaver amigo.. and also php and mysql... handcoding with notepad is good but WYSWYG tools will make your work easy and fast. guess you have so much work to do now but practice makes you better..
i am using frontpage to produce my web site

thanks wilsond
If you need some help on desing side of your site, I can help... Free ... hehehe you realy need it .... Razz

Post back here if my offer interest you ... but be patient ... I'm lazy ... ho and forgot my english I'm Frensh ....

here is a litl somting i did for you ... if u like it use it esle no matter... Razz


give it time to load (exemple) ... and forgot the banners...

ho i keeped your (style of web site) Razz but it can be more profesionnal
Lol judging on what everone else is saying it's prob a good fing that I didn't see it. Guess you were on server 2 as well huh?
Lol sounds like there prob isn't any point hoping you'd backd up your site anyway Smile
Don't worry - everyone can always become better Very Happy
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