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how do you get things done?

My issue is not time managment (if you have a problem with that, see the book aptly titled Getting Things Done. It's a pretty interesting method and a lot of people out there swear by it.)

But I can't seem to get the motivation up to really start any projects I'm thinking about working on, to push through with the ones I've started.

I think almost everything I do that's at all like working has to be done in one shot -- start to finish -- and because of a tight approaching _important_ deadline. I am a last minute kind of guy. I've tried unsuccessfully to impose artifical deadlines on myself, or to artificially hype up how important something is to try and get it done, but it doesn't work.

I'm out of college now, and though the environment I'm currently in is fairly relaxed about this kind of thing, it won't last forever.

I need to learn how to motivate myself. Any help out there? Sad
Unfortunately, I know exactly how you feel. I just can't apply myself to anything until there's practically no time left, and it gets me seriously stressed out sometimes. And things that I want to do myself which don't have a deadline simply don't get done. It's so irritating because there's so much I want to do, but I just fail to do it. Brick wall
I'm afraid I suffer from the same affliction....I know what has to be done, but getting to it is always a problem. I find that I have to follow a close itinerary in order to accomplish my daily tasks.

Ironically I don't have this trouble at home, only at work. Maybe it has to do with the fact that while at work I have a very lkimited time to accomplish what has to be done, while at home I can take my time. I also don't have deadlines to meet at home.

If anyone knows an easier or more effective method I would love to hear it....cuz this is all crisis management.
I'm very result driven, so when I start something, I want to finish it in one shot. I like planning on working on something, like my website, but I sometimes lack the motivation to actually do it. So sometimes it takes me forever. Hence, I try to do it all in one sitting. But unless I set for 2 days straight working on it, it can't be done. I push myself to finish it quickly, so I can use it as an example of my work. My site now sucks, so I will be rebuilding it from the ground up. How long will that take me? Who knows? I just try to make myself get it done as fast as I can.
yea i have so many half-way done websites, photoshops, etc. I even have started autobiographies, forget about them, then start a new one a year later. its pathetic. yeah lets see sites: animegamers, i got the layout on that one done after a LONG time, but not very much content. my portal, layout again, but pages never went up. meetup, never was able to get the forms to work correctly....and those are just my major projects of late.
Same problem here Confused

I always wait till the last moment before starting something, when I virtually have no time left. I get stressed out, but it motivates me.

Plus, I don't know why, I have the impression that if I start a project (let's say, a paper) way before the deadline, the paper is never good enough, whereas when I do it just before the deadline, I am more satisfied with the result.

This habit is very annoying and my boy friend is slowly helping me out of it. There's not real trick but work hard hard hard!
yes, i have to commiserate because I suffer through the same thing all throughout my life. I refer to it as ningas kugon, putting off until later what I can do today.

I tried to motivate myself a bunch of times, sometimes it would work for a few days or so, then after a week, i would be back to the same old bad habits that I've acquired, it feels frustrating after some time.

so if anyone finds something that works about this, I'd be more than happy to listen.
same here but for me nything i not fixed... sometimes b4 exams i study well in advance and sometims i start studying just b4 the exams i.e. 5-6 dayz
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