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Gardening website

I am planning to use my frihost space for a gardening website, anyone else into this, and I would appreciate some ideas.
Depending on what you want to put out there. Are you using it as a Resources site or to just show off your gardening stuffs?

There are recommendation that you might consider too.

IE: Portal (CMS) base website, Graphics presentation site, also blog etc...

If you are interested in Portal there are a few good ones out there.

DragonflyCMS (AKA: CPG NUKE) is one of the good ones that I recommended. I am using it at my sites.

If you are considering Graphics presentation. I would suggest Gallery 2 from Menalto. It is a very good Gallery script. It also can be embed into many other CMS system.

IE: PHP NUKE, DragonflyCMS, MAMBO, etc...

Hope this will help you decided what you want to do. And welcome to the community.
y did u think of gardening....wen other things r better.

nywayz GOOD LUCK Very Happy
Maybe it's an weird idea but sometimes it may be useful for some people Laughing . I support your idea.
No its not just to show off anything I've done hehe it will be a resource site yes, and I did install mambo, I use it for other websites but not sure its quite what I want for this, so Im still looking. Why gardening? because im completely mad on it hehe and I doubt you realise the scope of the subject, you probably think its just sticking a few flowers in, when in reality theres botany, entomology, pathology, agriculture, horticulture in general, allotment gardening, designing with plants and different landscaping materials, meteorology, history, and using noisy big machines Cool and that is just a scratch on the surface of the depth of it.
thx websiteguru for the suggestions, I will look into DragonflyCMS, I could do with a system that lets me create profiles for plants, pests or diseases, it would work like community builder with different fields, like common name botanical name, height etc, and be searchable. I couldnt find one for mambo/joomla.
i want to know what is gardening

and what ideas you want to receive

use which tool or language you prefer
go for it! i used to think gardening was just flowers in pots til my mom took it on and started producing everything else heh... and it takes lotsa patience and detail.
Im branching out into veg growing aswell now, maybe this will appear to a greater number of people, especially in these times of awareness over organic growing, people would rather have a few blemishes and no chemicals on their food these days.
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