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SEO tool

i need a SEO tool that can correct all mistakes i have done also i am willing to go for a paid software and not a free tool.It should validate my HTML and give me suggestions for link exchange with good site...
I dunno about all in one programs. I would suggest just doing it yourself, or hiring an SEO professional (waste of money, IMHO). If you're going to opt for the "do it yourself" method, here's a few pointers to get you started:
    * Validate your HTML and/or CSS - it's not as hard as it seems, unless you've got an enormous site.
    * Exchange links in organic ways ONLY. You do not want to get banned from Gogle for using so-called BlackHat SEO techniques. Resist temptation to sign up for programs that will get you hundreds of inbound links.
    * Use some keywords in your body text - it'll help you in the SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages).
    * Get the word out about your site through forums - but do not spam. Only bring up your site in relevant conversations. Add a link to it in your signature, but whatever you do, for the love of god - DON'T SPAM!
Wink Hope that helps.
The SEO tools are very useful to do work of SEO and it helps to do work fast and accurate. It helps to know about the site and details of it.
You can try WebCEO tool and also IBP SEO tool.
I need this kind of tool too.
List of SEO tools
manual submission
Google Webmasters tools
SEO Browser
Keyword String for Google Alerts
i want someone to help me :S translate turkish... :/
well try ... Internet Business Promoter..
seo tool is .forum posting .yahoo ansering.classified
For Wordpress users, there are awesome plugins for free. Gets you on the first pages with relevant original content. Wink
Nice tools are shared here....
Back links tools
seo quack
Black hat tools
rank tracker
page rank checker
key words tools
I would recommend you to use w3validator free software to know your HTML error in your website.
It's really appreciable.
Well, Here are some tips:
1. Make sure to mention the keyword at least once in the first paragraph.

2. The Url andHeading must also contain the keyword

3. Make sure to use a heading style <h2> at least once.

Good Lcuk!
Today, I just try SEOprofiler and pay $1 for first month.
SEOprofiler claimed it is all in one search engine optimization solution that included:
- detailed ranking checks on Google, Yahoo and Bing
- on page website optimization tool
- detailed competitive backlink, ranking and AdWords analysis
- backlink buildings tools and a sophisticated link manager
- comprehensive white-label PDF reports
- weekly web pages health checks

I just start testing so right now I don't know how well the result it will perform.
If not good I will cancel it. Only $1 is not much for testing.

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