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can anyone help me please?

today there's some problems with my computer at work. the computer screen jumps to idle all the time & near the end of the day, the task bar's missing! can anyone tell me whether it's a virus or some system problems... it's not critical to the computer, but just too annoying... took double or triple time to finish a task!!!
It's possibly a virus - I'd recommend that you run a virus scan to be safe.

The idle screen is probably to do with your power saving settings - right-click on your desktop, hit properties then select your screen saver tab. You can change the screensaver time-out, and if your screen is "going to sleep", then open the power saving options (from the screensaver window) and change the stand-by time there.

If your taskbar is missing, it's likely that Windows Explorer has crashed. This is easy to fix though:

Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and select task manager
In the task manager, select the "Services" tab
Find "explorer.exe", right-click on it and hit End Task
Then, still in the task manager, hit File > New Task (Run)...
Type "explorer" without the quotes then hit enter.

This will restart explorer and you'll have a task bar again. It's a temporary fix, but should hopefully help - your priority should really be to clean up your computer though. Check for viruses, spyware and why not run ccleaner - it's free and will clear out anything that's bogging down your computer and not being used by anything.

Hope this helps!
Few years back I experienced the same thing with the taskbar, it was when I had windows 98, don't know if you are using that.
Wll. I think it's better if you tell me your OS too.. It'll give us more acurate thing to help ^^

BTW it's better if you check your PC from viress, (Better if it's when you run it in safe mode ^^) Check your registry too.
its because of your computer has overload of data. and some program those are not sutebale for your computer.
You should clean your hard disk by right click on "c:" drive or whaterever other drive.

Arrow for your tast bar hidding. there is a software. I don't remember the name. but it hide task bar. may be your friend could send u. found that software and uninstall it.

Make sure you check for viruse too. and don't download tomuch from internet.
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