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Search Engine Optimization some Mistakes

Cool Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making Web pages more search engine friendly to give them a better ranking in search engines.
SEO is important because over 80% of Internet users reach Websites through search engines. If your Website is not ranked at the top of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, HotBot, and Lycos, you will be losing a lot of traffic.
Search engine optimisation is basically about following search engine rules. If your Web page fits the criterias that a search engine considers the most important factors in terms of relevance, then it will reward you with a top ranking.
Search Engine Optimization involves optimizing the title, keywords, description, headings and alt tags. You can get better rankings for your site if you use good keywords.
Right now I will be explaining the mistakes that anyone can make while optimizing their site.
There are several things, considered “spamming”, that you can do to get your pages listed higher on a search engine results page. If you ever do something to trick a search engine, then you risk being blacklisted by them. It is easy to spam a search engine by accident especially since the rules keep changing.
Below is a list of the common things I recommend that you should never do while optimizing your site for better rankings:

1.Do not use the same color for your text and background. This is one of the common methods used by people to stuff keywords on a web page. Stuffing keywords can help your page get listed higher for the keywords you use BUT search engines can detect this and will blacklist your site.

2.Do not use multiple instances of the same tag. For example, do not use more than one title tag.

3.Do not submit identical pages to search engines. For example, do not duplicate another web page that has good ranking and resubmit it to search engines.Search engines can detect this.

4.Do not exchange links with any site that is blacklisted by any search engine.

5.Do not submit the same page to any search engine more than once within 24 hours.

6.Do not use any keywords in your keywords meta tag that are not related to the content of your page.

Search engines can detect all of the things I have mentioned above and view your site as spam if you have applied any of these tricks.

Also never create identical websites. An indentical website is a dulpicate copy of another web site with the same content but a different domain.
Also do not create a site with a domain that is an improperly spelled version of another domain. For example, for

I have heard that Search Engines can detect this also.
please reply about this.
That link to should be removed - it's full of malware.
Link removed Wink
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