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Are you making/trying to make money out of your website?

Are you making/trying to make money out of your website?
I would try If i knew how
 22%  [ 4 ]
Yes I am making money
 11%  [ 2 ]
I am trying to make money
 50%  [ 9 ]
No its pointless
 11%  [ 2 ]
You can make money?!?!
 5%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 18

I would just like too see how many people are really, i wouldn't mind making money out of my site, but i think if it ws easy alot of people would be doing it how about you?
Hey its my hard work, I should be making money! I dont care what you say, no matter how useless of a website there is, you should be able to make some money even if its only a cent!
I think it's pointless. If you want to make money, there are better ways to make it instead of making a site... I don't know, find a job, something just to get the money you need. I would never pay for anyone who makes a site just for making money, but I would pay for the boy who brings the journal everyday to my house...

But if my site is popular, and I have a opportunity of making something in it to earn some money, I would do it. I just don't like the idea of making a site just for money.
No. I'm just doing this for fun, and (hopefully) to improve my web design skills. When I need to make money, I'll probably get a part-time job - money's not a huge issue for me. As long as I'm not starving or in debt. Razz
Ey...Please give me some tips on how to make some money....on web?
Not directly from the website - from members yes (but, I mean, I've only just asked people to get an account on-line, and only 6 have bothered).

And even then the money goes to charities.

Soon, I'll take in more money for the same cause(s) through advertising.

So yea...

Arrow Jess Black
well, i'm trying to make some money out of it. but i want to make it look more preofessional first. i'm making the website for our no-profit organization so that's why we can't get any funds to make a site. so i'm trying to make some for some domains, upgrades and of course i really would like to donate to frihost after. I am in the debt of frihost and they've really done much to all of us Very Happy
it isn't easy to make money from a website.. Your site muz hav a lot of visitors and the ads muz b placed correctly so your visitors will click on them..

to have a lot of visitors, u will nid to hav quality content tht is in their demand..

You can try Google Adsense (
I want to make some money off of my website, but I have no idea how...I heard of Google Ads, but I don't really see to have an ad on my website. I don't know, I also tried for people to donate in PayPal, but that didn't work out either, if anyone have something good to make money, tell me please.
of course am trying Very Happy
not having much luck though Shocked
well dont be sad , i was like u thinking i cant make money ,

but just today i deposited a cheque for 100+ $ from google in my account , (i cant tell u the real amount )

soon i will buy ipb Laughing
To make a site simply to make money is not easy. It like wanting to start a business but having no specific idea. You then pick up any proposal that seems viable only that in the end, it's not your idea. So you probably won't have the passion and drive to carry the idea through. Should you make a site for money, understand that it's not easy money. Most people who do make the cash are people who's content or offering is related to their it's just a 'side effect' of it.
I'm afraid my skills aren't good enough to make any money out of my website, that is why I keep it for free...hey, I'm lucky to get some visitors... Laughing made a photo website, for friends and family to see where I've been and what I've seen frm the world. And I'm proud of what I made. Fortunately Ihave seen a lot in this world and I do not have to show 10 pics only Cool

No, to be honest, I'm glad there are yet a lot of sites where you can buy stuff online. Because going to stores etc. cost so much time and listening to sales people makes me angry. They hardly give real advise just trying to sell their product. Nope, glad there are lot;s of people and companies that do have their info online for me to buy it or at least to verify/compare it.

we want more...
I don't make, or ever intend to make, money out of my website. There isn't enough traffic for me to even hope to make anything significant, and I'm against the general idea anyway. Ads suck. Making people pay for stuff sucks. And so on.
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