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How to Get a job at GOOGLE

So does anyone here work for google, or know someone who works at google, or has a connection to google? whats the best way to get a job at google? dont say goto and check jobs, im talking about some real good advice people can give to each other. any job in there. it can apply for any company at that...thanks in advance.
Most people at any type of organization (doesn't matter what they do) will look for you more importantly if you have a degree in what they're interested in. This means, that you have to have a degree in something like web design, and other specialty degrees.

To get a job is a little bit harder, because you have no idea if they are even hiring in the first place.

Google often comes to our university to recruit new students; they typically choose us out of programming competitions or at google held events. I believe they also hold walk in interviews for internships.

The same can be said about other companies also, i'm going in for an interview for Microsoft next month.
Ah, lucky you!

A while back Google were actually advertising for jobs on the web. But that was before they suddenly became worth an absolute fortune.
Google is the next microsoft but more on the good side than evil corrupt side. So yeah, Google rocks!
How to get a job at google?

By going to their jobs page.
Yeah, if you want to work at the 'Plex, as it's sometimes called, you gotta prove yourself WORTHY. Twisted Evil
hey thanks noobie4life. thats some great advice!!!!! i mean, there's no way i would have thought of going to

but anways, yea the plex is awesome, i went up there a couple months ago on a saturday and just walked around everywhere, saw some googlers playing street hockey in the back. the place has a volley ball setup right in the middle of the plex...inside, a lot of bean bag chairs and drink refrigerators...even the cubicles looked cool... interesting, i wish i was still in college so i can actually get an internship there. but after working for a few years earning money, its hard to go back working for free, or for little pay. i think i even have to be enrolled full time at school to get an internship. i will probably go back for a masters degree and see how far it can take me into any of these major tech companies....

Also, i hear google hires 50% of its employees by referrals.....anyone here work for google?!?!?
I have a friend working at Google. It was my dream job for a while. You need to be qualified, you need to have few certifications and my friend had an ITIL V3 certification and he said it helps a lot.
How about those weird questions you get when you search for google interview questions? Are those true or fake? If they are true, landing the job might be a bit harder than we thought.
codegeek wrote:
How about those weird questions you get when you search for google interview questions? Are those true or fake? If they are true, landing the job might be a bit harder than we thought.

Likely true. I've received just-as-weird questions from lesser companies.

One thing you could do is beef up your resume with some open-source work. A strong GitHub page or a good project on Google Code looks good, and Google seems to favor open-source. They have a "Summer of Code" event where they encourage students to work on open-source projects, and those who do well can get cash and internship offers. I'm not sure if non-students can participate, but having code that recruiters can read likely goes a long way regardless.

A Master's probably would be helpful, and would give you another shot at an internship.
They have a pretty rough hiring process. I ve read a book about Google's whole story. Believe me that is not easy.
Create something new and innovative in internet. When it grows rapidly, many big company like yahoo, google, facebook will try to buy your site. Choose google and ask them to hire you as a bundling of your site. Then you got the money and also job from google. Everything is possible.
Getting a job at Google can't be any different than any other tech company in my opinion. I know one guy that works at Google, I've never asked him how he got his job, but I am sure they advertised for the position, he applied, and they hired him like any other job!

Of course you have to have the qualifications for the position, be a hard worker, and be a fun person! No one wants to work with boring people that have no ambitions in life.
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