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Freedom Force for the NES

Last night, I decided to dust off some of my lesser known NES cartridges. I usually buy the really cheap ones because if they're bad, then I only blew about 2 bucks. But if it's good, then I discovered a gem for minimal cash.

The cartridge I pulled out was called Freedom Force. The label touted the game as "The Ultimate Zapper Game". How could I NOT play this game. I unwrapped wire from the zapper, started the game, and realized that the tag-line on the label was not a lie.

It plays similar to Area 51. You play in the first person perspective. The screen slowly scrolls right as you use the zapper to take out hijackers on a plane (the plane is on the runway at the airport). Intertwined between the hijackers popping out of the windows, hostages will appear, which you obviously shouldn't shoot. The enemies and innocents are all animated, so they donr look like just a cardboard cut out with a gun. Passing the level will take you to a new location using the same gameplay. After every two levels, there is a bonus round called codebreakers. It works similar to hangman. shoot at a letter, and if its correct it appears in one of the blanks. miss 5 and you get no bonus points. solve the puzzle and get points based on the time left.

This is absolutely one of the BEST Zapper games for the NES. In fact, Im gonna be home in about 45 minutes and fully intend on playing it some more. I highly recomend this game to anyone who still uses their NES and owns a Zapper.
FPS on the NES?
OMG, thats just weird, but still god damn cool ;P
Oh man Freedom Force sure brings back memories. I really miss my NES now lol. Anyway Freedom Force was definately one of my favorite NES games ever.
Isnt Freedom Force a PC game to?
Hanpusu-kun wrote:
Isnt Freedom Force a PC game to?

It is, but I believe it is unrelated to the NES game. lemme check...

Nope, completely different game. that one is an RPG based around super heros.
There are only a few games that use the light gun for NES. _Hogan's Alley_ was always amusing as was _Trick Shot_. I'm a big NES game collector but I've actually never played Freedom Force. Therefore, on your recommendation, I'm going to start searching for it on my monthly quests! Thanks for the info.
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