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Ashlee Simpson

What do you think about Ashlee Simpson she's a new singer but She's great. Her Music is very good. I listen her music in a movie title: Undiscovered. Thanks for all replay.
New singer? Um... no, she's been around for a few years now. And she's alright, sometimes it seems as if she's trying way too hard to fit a certain image. Her music is alright too, I guess, she just doesn't seem to be very talented, but then again - most singers on MTV aren't Wink
It would be fair to say I strongly dislike her and her candy-cane-mini-short style of music
Some of her music i like. some i dont... and she isn't really new, but shes definitly better than her sister XD.
Obviously the person who started this topic has not seen the SNL clip of Ashlee Simpson doing a little hoedown when her mic "failed." It's a must see.

I feel strongly that this same person has not seen....hmm...forgot which football game it was, I'm tempted to say the Playoffs or Superbowl but I'm pretty sure that's not right. anyways, my point is if you had seen that, you would've seen the entire stadium booing her down.

case rested.

I'm ashamed to say I live in their hometown. *sigh*
She's not exactly talented. And out of her and Jessica she's certainly the 'ugly' one. Laughing
^^ It was the Orangebowl I think?
The funny part about that clip was
a) She kept giggling while people were booing her in a mental-defective-type manner
b) In her sister's Nick and Jessica show, they talked about Ashlee's performance but coincedently skipped what was on headlines of magazines and newspapers - Ashlee being booed.
I dont like her I like her songs
I really detest her singing and I think the only thing that could be salvagable is the band that plays the music. But at the moment when her voice comes in my ears just start to die.

By the way, does anyone have the video clip of Ashlee Simpson being booed down from the stage?
Despite the negative comments about her, I actually like her. Her music is pretty good, she definately has some good songs. I didn't used to like her, back when she was on 7th Heaven, but I do like her now. My favorite song by her is "Undiscovered".
idk all of her songs are the type that will get stuck in ur head...gets annoying after a while. she's decent looking. def not like her sister though. however im a fan of the more punk style girls.....
To stop the debate, I have made the following picture...

cool... she's a good singer!

SHE'S HOT!! Razz
-I can't believe I said something like that about Jess- Shocked
I have little respect for solo artists who don't write their own songs. I also have a little less respect for the song writers who write the songs because they're obviously talented enough, but decide to give their song to mildly talented headline girls. Mildly talented Headline Girls such as Ashlee Simpson. I saw her show once. She wouldn't stop complaining about everything. She kept complaining about cameras flashing to bright when she was getting a freakin magazine cover photo taken. "Can you please flash those cameras too bright, I need eyes for performing"....I'm like...what the...
Her images is very good. She's beautifull in my opinion.
She is a Simpson franchise.
She is an interesting lass. Some of her songs are ok, some are silly but most of them are mind numbingly dumb. She's better than Jessica.
Ashlee Simpson is good, but I like Jessica Simpson better.
I prefer Ashlee to Jessica. Some of Ashlee's songs are great eg Boyfriend and L.O.V.E. Jessica on the other hand is terrible... I hate her. She's like using her 'look' to get around in the media or something.
Well, here's what I can tell about Ashlee and Jessica:

Ashlee's songs are filled with attitude and, well, they usually get stuck in my head (especially L.O.V.E. Razz ). The way she clothes herself is more casual (I mean, compared to Jessica). She speaks what's in her mind (She knows what she wants, and doesn't let anyone put her down when she wants something done).

Jessica's songs, on the other hand, are mostly love songs and revivals. The way she dresses is sort-of formal. Please don't take it as an insult, but I think she's a bit dumb. I mean "(while holding a tuna can) Is this chicken or is this fish? I know it's tuna, but it says chicken. By the sea" - Jessica Simpson, Newlyweds. But she is (for me) prettier than Ashlee Smile

But I am in no way siding upon Ashlee or Jessica. I admire both of their music, that's all.
The worst thing to come along since Avril Lavigne... another pop singer wanting to be punk... punk's dead.
it's for lil teenagers who think they're all cool with their 5$ t-shirts.
i'm pretty sure she's as stoopid as her sister.
very true.. her sis is dumb.. so is her.. DUMB SISTERS.. sickening music.. irritates me to death..
She is one of the lesser things to come out of modern pop music. At least her sister and most of the other pop stars have a strong voice, something that can be considered talent. Ashlee Simpson is not a good singer, so they mask it with an insincere, contrived faux-rock/punk attitude.
I like a few of her songs but her voice is a bit annoying and the way she enunciates is a bit strange too. I LOVED her clothing style though, before her new album came out. I don't know what happened after that, though.. Confused
I don't like her a lot her sons are nice to listen to a few times but then that's it, it can be goog rock, pretty commercial, but not that good really, plus she already has had errors and problems with play-back on TV shows, her band are not quite bad though. but One thing, she looks good, she has great boobs, her boy-friend is a nice singer, and she definitely makes better music than her sister ... that makes four Very Happy
Thaks For Replay Smile
Hm, well, I can definitely stand her better than her sister Rolling Eyes who looks like a right airhead to me. I liked it when Pink made fun of her parodying the look-at-me-washing-the-car-in-my-bikini scene Cool
I only know one song of Ashlee's though, "Boyfriend", and that's ok for a popsong, it makes me want to dance, but I guess that's where it stops!
Like her music too....and she is nice.P
She should die.
ashlee?.. nah nah nahh.. shes ok... not really a fan... but Jessica is hotter!.. lolz too bad she broke up with nick!.. GRrrr
i honestly think that ashley is a junkie and she needs some treatment.
also she's as stupid as her sister.
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