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See this artificial beach @ Japan

It is an artificial beach constructed in Japan

- Fully indoor (top opens) climate controlled summer throughout the year.
- Water is temp controlled, the sand granules are specially made so that it gives u the feeling of playing in the sand, but it doesn't stick 2 ur body!
- In summer, the top dome can be opened 2 let in natural light!!

Thats awesome.... but I still don't think it beats the real thing. This must be good for places that don't get much sun. Now you can be in the beach in the winter. This might actually become big.
I don't really understand the point to make such a beach, when the real one is not far...

A climat controlled environement will never egal the Nature. And I'm almost sure that thing cost a lot of money...
Oh... and I love how the water looks so clear/clean.
That is pretty cool - I think mainly because Japan has beaches everywhere, so the concept of building a beach, when you have one ten miles away is pretty extrodinary.
S3nd K3ys
That's crowded! Look at all the surfers side by side... Shocked
There is also one in Germany. Very very big, but it didn't have much success in the beginning. No idea what about now, but only a part of it was finished when they opened.
WOW is there anything the Japanese cant do that beach looks amazing might go there the next time I got ot Japan!
Wow, that's pretty insane. Shocked I do have to agree with the thought that it is silly to have one so close to the real thing though. You'd think something like this would have first been developed in a landlocked country or state. Very Happy

Still, I guess it's pretty cool that you can have summer all year round. The second picture has me a little confused. Are those ceiling doors transparent? Painted? ...maybe they have the real sky projected onto them?
Made in Japan Very Happy

Those people can be so freaky sometimes... Very Happy
I have to admit it does look nice Very Happy But won't people get this "closed space"-feeling? Strange Very Happy

James Smile
If they start catching on over here, it might become big - Americans love more than anything to see the beach, so to see it in the mainland away from the beach would be big business. It might become the next big thing since Theme Parks took over so long ago.

Recently hotels around here have been adding water slides and small amusement parks inside to attract attention, and it works - people can get a nice room with some rides that are comparable to things like Busch Gardens.
God, I feel sorry for anyone from anywhere that needs an artificial beach.

I'm from Melbourne Australia and I'm down there when-ever the weather's right... and the beaches here aren't the best in Australia, but still better than that...

That beach just wouldn't cut it for me... it's so... fake, lol. I mean, you need the wind and the cold water. (ocean water is generally too cold to swim in... but you swim none-the-less)...
I'd prefer to be down at the real water you can see at the top there... no matter how bad the sand or how cold the weather. Razz

I mean - there's no way something like that would get any buisiness in Australia. We have indoor pools and all that, but they've generally got wave generators and big water slides NOT SAND lol... not to mention out-door pools as well.


(It's 40'C today - too hot for me to even be down the beach in my bikini, inside with the aircon... hehe)
wow this is very nice . the beach is very nice even though artificial one.
It's nice but the real thing is the best...check beaches in the Philippines... You can choose many thousands of them...
This is great !! I know that technology can do more and more each day, but to make a beach Smile) ... i want some Razz . I wander how much it cost to sustain that beach. Rolling Eyes
oh great that looks so nice , but when you are on that beach , i mean you havent got that summerfeeling when you are on a real beach.
That's awesome! A small island like Singapore would need that Wink Cheers!
Well, since I live in Brazil I can say this beach is pretty small...
u should come visit dubai , they make a whole island and construct a 7 star hotel , now they are making island in shapes of map of the world ,

they are also making palm tree island , and also the tallest buidling on earth ,

lol, seriously them asians are crazy smart, i like the part about the sand not sticking to your body!
im surprised no ones picking up on the fact its probably just a way of making money,

but its interesting, its almost the first step to closing off our world to pollution, imagine encasing the whole world "indoors" and making it "perfect" and having transport still out doors but we are protected, so we could effectively destroy the outside world and the globe but we are protected indoors... yet it feels like out doors!! its the future the way we are destroying the world

and then if we can do that, whats to stop us creating underground colonies on other planets!! its a truly amazing concept... but maybe im just dreaming

i agree with most of the posts, its crowded, its near a real beach (maybe the beach there sucks) but still
Thats really cool. I wonder what the fee is to go to such a place. It seems some much more real and cheaper to just go to a real beach. Japan has tons of beaches, why build a fake one?
OMG thats awsome... its looks so real!!!
valkyrie-heavens wrote:
OMG thats awsome... its looks so real!!!

lol - trust me honey, no it doesn't
amazing what we can do with current technology, but sure thing doesnt beat the real thing.
This is definitely a nice place to go. It is such a nice and clean place Cool
This beach would sell big time here in Bombay, even though we have beaches, they are brown and have oil residue in them or maybe it's something else. I would gladly go for the fake beach than the real one that I see here. There have been a lot of illegal dumping in the indian ocean and in the waters near southeast asia, maybe it's the same reason the Japanese have built the fake one.
Oh my god!!! Those japanese are willing to invent ANYTHING for convenience!!! Cool...the way they solve the problem of sand sticking to your body...wonder how they wanna solve the problem of sand in your pockets though? Haha...
denggi wrote:
Oh my god!!! Those japanese are willing to invent ANYTHING for convenience!!! Cool...the way they solve the problem of sand sticking to your body...wonder how they wanna solve the problem of sand in your pockets though? Haha...

Haha!. The Japanese are known to be really good in innovations (artificial islands for more establishments like international airport) though this one (artificial beach) do really make sense for them because unfortunately their beaches really dont look like that. I mean its not bad either though the country's topography is surrounded by water.

vinx_18 wrote:
It's nice but the real thing is the best...check beaches in the Philippines... You can choose many thousands of them...

Lol. Laughing God bless the country.

I really did not get the point, the beach is 2 miles away from that, maybe in a country without coast it would be nice, but in a island? Thats really strange.
I think i will never need that, here in Brazil, specially northeast, its summer all year, iuahiuah.
ahh i remeber this it whas on discovery channel a few years ago if i remeber right the waves are artificial too. and japan hase another bilding that is a ski slope all year around its suppose to be the bigest one in the world
you know what, there is an island in the seychelles with fake beaches too, I find that weird as its the Seychelles, you would expect that somewhere else not where theres plenty of nice beaches
I've seen that before, I happen to think it is AWESOME and an AMAZING idea. If only I were a few years older and thought of that, I'd be rich! I like the sand part, I hate getting out of the water and becoming covered in sand.
leave it to the japanese to build something so completely pointless that it's awesome in it's own perfect little way. I love the concept, and I love even more that you can see the actual beach in the same picture less than a mile or two away Wink
Wow, that looks nice, I wouldnt mind being there lol
I don't really understand what the negative replies are all about. Whether or not this thing is the most useful accomodation in that area where it is built, it's a very innovative idea. However, the pictures you see are taken during warm weather, but the area has four seasons very similar to that of the north eastern u.s., so when it's about 30-40 degrees F outside, why wouldn't this be useful for those who want to spend time at an environment that simulates the summer beach as closely as possible?
Wow, that is awesome. I would like one in Washington! So much rain here, and there's no beach worth going to. That'd be sweet.

The sand not sticking to your body is really cool. I'm always cleaning my car for weeks when I go to the beach Smile
TonkPilz wrote:
ahh i remeber this it whas on discovery channel a few years ago if i remeber right the waves are artificial too. and japan hase another bilding that is a ski slope all year around its suppose to be the bigest one in the world

Of course the waves would be artificial. It would make my day to see 10ft waves in an enclosed space like that.
madsencarl wrote:
It would make my day to see 10ft waves in an enclosed space like that.

yeah, 10ft waves there would be awesome.

It's odd, right after I posted that last one, I saw on TV something about a semi-artificial beach some guys made that has the waves coming from 2 sides. That would be a good place to learn to surf. Smile

I wonder how much the Japanese one costs... if it's less than $200, I'd buy one myself. lol Very Happy
Man, the place looks pretty awesome! Although it'd be nicer if they can build one in the middle of a grassplain or something like that; it would serve the purpose better. But anyway, it still looks pretty cool, and I would go if I had the chance! They should make the water stretch further, like into the "ocean". It's wide enough, but not long enough!
dude that beach is awesome I wonder how much it cost to make that thing, and how much it cost to get into it. Also I heard that the sand at that "beach" doesn't stick to you. How do they do it I wonder...... Well anyways pretty sweet. Later people
i saw that but it's wonderful.
Pablo Diablo
The best part about that atificially created beach is that the sand is sooo white and clear and clean, and the water is so blue and clean looking. I fell refrreshed just looking at how perfect it looks. It's be awesoem to go into during the winter and look up through the clear glass at the falling snow outside!
I live only a few blocks from a beach and trust me there is no replacing the real thing. Sure it may be temperature controlled, the sand perfect, and the landscaping a thing of beauty, but nature and it's imperfections can never be least not in my estimation.
I guess the next step would be to create artificial bathers that artificially enjoy the beach
And there are kids starving right now?

I like the idea I'm sure it would be a lot of fun but I think it's taking luxury too far especially when theres a beach so close.
that looks really cool, but come on. I go to the beach to get REAL salt water in my eyes. And to get REAL sand stuck to me feet and body. That place takes away the glory of driving 6 hours to get to the beach and staying there for the weekend. Plus the beach is free. I bet that place costs lotsa money. Free is good.
I gotta say, that thing looks pretty cool. I don't really think I'd travel to Japan just to use it though, I d rather stay in my own country and drive down to the beach instead of flying there to use that thing xD
Nice thing ^^ I would like to have one near my home (not really very close to it, but about 1-2 kilometers from the place where I live would be OK). For me it's about one day of travelling to get to the real beach, so this one would be really nice Wink

But.. It's just a bigger than usual swimming pool with uncommon look. Razz
I have heard of indoor ski slopes but indoor beaches are new to me Very Happy
it's amazing what we (humans) can build nowadays.
They need one like that down here in CHile, because the beaches here are filled with jellyfishes.. Confused

Not really nice to swim with jellyfishes..
I gotta say, that's pretty sweet. Never heard of anything like that. Of course I'd rather be at a real beach. but hey, middle of winter... that is sounding kinda nice Cool
That inside beach is cool! It reminds me of one of those wavepool thingys in one of the disneyland parks that looked just like a beach.
These beaches could be good over here in britain, especially when the weather is bad, which it usually is!
Thats awesome looks like it gets crowded though. I don't visit the beach much anyway but if I had to choose I'd rather go to an isolated real one. The artificial one is cool though. I can understand there reason for making one.
a bit good, ya,

and so formal to be fixed in a desert area
i know it for long... but never been to there. Well, if you really like beach, why dont go to a real one..... is it better ? i dont think so. It's so biazzare to play there... inside a forest ?? and what i like about beaches is the huge view of sea, seems unlimited space... but this one only has a picture as the backdrop.....

and, natural beach is free of charge... this one, i think we need to pay la...
I do NOT want to catch a rip and smash into the sky. I'd rather the real beach - shells, seaweed... possibility of being eaten by a shark...

wow.. that looks really good. But nothing beats the real.
Agent ME
TonkPilz wrote:
ahh i remeber this it whas on discovery channel a few years ago if i remeber right the waves are artificial too. and japan hase another bilding that is a ski slope all year around its suppose to be the bigest one in the world

Where else would the waves come from? Not enough wind in there most likely to make waves Razz

Is it salt or freshwater?
It's cool! Looks very real.
Maybe they think they can swim safely in that place.
That place is a proof of their technology.
as awesome as that looks, i would still prefer the real thing any day Smile

unless ofcourse the real thing is one of the extremely dirty, littered with trash beaches in bombay for example
kevin briggs
looks great,but it reminds me of one of the water parks in florida i think it was called blizard beach.but it sure did'nt have a sliding roof.awesome
I love living a 2 minute drive/15 minute walk from a nice, clean, moderate temperature beach.

But for people who have no access to a clean beach, well I suppose it's better than nothing.
It is nice! What is the need of this!!!!!!!!!!! if there is a natural beach!!!!!!!!!!!
whats next? Artificial fishes and sharks? Twisted Evil

but seriously, that is cool
Its a little ironic, since you can see a beach in the background of the picture.
The picture looks awesome~~! And the idea is really good~~!
Is it really exist? (Because I could not see many cars, but lots of people in the pool)<-I'm just curious ^^

Agent ME wrote:

Is it salt or freshwater?

I also want to know this.
Looks amazing! Has anyone been there? Don't know what it is like when you are actually in there. And how much does it cost to get in?
Kiliox wrote:
I don't really understand the point to make such a beach, when the real one is not far...

I think they made it to show their superiority in technology. Looks nice tough.
I visited there back in 2005 when it was still being finished. It was amazing. It was especially striking because it was so cold near the "ocean".
Japan has beautiful natural coastline as well, with the super fast shinkansen racing along you can enjoy the all the pleasant views.

Guess they only needed perfect beaches like this, since everything could be made artificial nowadays.
Only in Japan would they think up something as unusual as this... (And the UAE, who will probably come up with the brilliant idea to build an indoor ski resort sometime soon) Razz
wow.... never knew this kind of place existed before!! but it would be WEIRD not to have the sun on the beach!!! is that actually fun at all??? has anybody tried this artificial beach before?? and they actually got small bits from all over the world such as the Bali concept and the huts... weird.
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