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Should sportsmen earn money?

Ive played basketball on a high level but retired to play just for fun Razz

I think its wrong that sports involve as much money as it does, even at early ages like 13year old kids get cut off from thier teams cuase they dont show any future talents. Sports is meant for having fun and exercising your body. Having the talent-scouting and putting a value on all players makes one feel pressured or atleast that was my biggest weakness which made me stop playing for awhile.

I've heard stories how players who needs money to support thier families concious hurts a competetive player in tryouts.

Some people think doping themselves would increase their chances of earning themself a living in sports.

I think sportmens shouldnt get paid, fame is enough and they can earn more then enough on comercials or events.
You're right, sportsmen shouldn't get paid a cent - they should eventually become broke, drop out and lose a major fan base, therefore sports won't invlove nearly as much money as people won't go to events to see their favourite player. Without money, they won't be able to keep the sport world going, and eventually there will be no sport.
Of course they should earn moeny! It also gives kids a goal in life - "I wanna be a rich soccer goalie and live in a mansion with naked women!". Are you trying to take that away from them?
I guess FAME is enough, so why do we pay other famous people/jobs. I guess we should stop paying actors/actresses, astronauts, doctors, authors, and politicians - because FAME should be enough for them also? Come to think of it, why do we pay SHELL, MICROSOFT, WAL-MART or any other stores - gee, they're pretty famous, and FAME is all they should be out there for!!

Come to think of it, why do I have to pay for Pepsi, Coke, Hewlett-Packard Printers, Bud Lite, Jack Daniels, Levi's, etc. ..... You starting to get a picture here?

I agree some people get a little aggresive, and it seems like the sports 'idiots' get more attention, but you have to pay people!
Coolgeek wrote:
I think sportmens shouldnt get paid, fame is enough and they can earn more then enough on comercials or events.

sportsmen make more money from comercials then from their salary's ..... i think..... =S.
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