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HELP! Can't connect to the internet


I'm having a problem with my connection, yesterday everything was fine and working correctly but then Firefox stopped working, i coudn't open any site anymore, it gave me "Connection Timeout".

at first i thought it was my connection (i have modem) but i checked its status to see if it stopped but it was fine. i tried opening several sites but nothing. Then i tried opening them with Opera and it worked, i tried IE and it works also.

i thought the problem was with firefox so i uninstalled it and then installed it again but the problem persists. i opened Ad-aware to see if it's a spyware or something that's causing the problem, i wanted to update my definitions but the program coudn't connect to the internet.
i tried another program: Spyware Doctor but it coudn't connect also. so i just scanned my PC and they didn't find anything.
the norton auto-update doesn't work and norton didn't find anything with the scan. i tried mirc but it can't connect to anything. MSN doesn't work also.

Nothing seems to work but Opera and IE. It's very weird, i've done almost everything but nothing seems to work.
hmm...very very weird... are u sure Opera and IE arent giving you offline/cached versiona of the pages?
i've used Opera to make this post so it can't be cached. and yes it's very weird, at first i thought it's a virus but scans don't show anything so i don't know what is happening.
open all ports.
turn firewall of
thx for the advice, i only reseted my firewall's settings (windows firewall) and the problem seems to have disappeared. although all the programs mentionned where set in the exceptions, i don't know why that has happened and i don't know if the firewall was infact the problem but it has solved it so thx.
Btw sometimes the modem fails ( so just unplug the power cord it let it sit for a lil and plug in back in) If it isn't the modem then it can be the network card .. if it is not the network card then its windows .. and since its windows .... format + reinstall + update + WINDOWS SUX
opera/ie may be loading pages from cache, flush them out first and reboot
see if they work then,

if not -
turn off windows firewall ( shudnt b on neway)
if u hav a 3rd party firewall (pc-cillin. norton, maaffee) disable it, reboot and then try firefox again
check hardware firewall/s settings
check your modem on another pc
windows sux - nuthing u can do but format nd reinstall
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