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Thoughts on Marxism

Texas Al
I'll keep it short.

Let's suppose that the labor theory of value was correct. I.e. that how much something is worth is determined by how much work you put into it.

Imagine that you spent three hours throwing rocks at your car and spraypainting it. While your neighbor spent three hours repairing the upholstry and replacing a window on hers.

You both put the same amount of "labor" into your respective cars. If you believe in the labor theory of value, does that mean you think you've improved the resale value of your car as much as your neighbor did?

Or did you just waste three hours and mess up your car?

So obvious when put in these terms... then how come entire generations failed to get it, and some continue to not get it to this day?
Well is it harder for a delinquant to stone and spray paint cars, or for a tradesman to upholster and replace windows?

Maybe it's only a labor of pain that matters.
In my opinon it is not how much effort is put into the labour ( note the correct english spelling) but the value of that labour.

What marxism fails to acknowledge is value rather than effort. The value of ones labour on the open market influenced by supply and demand is what always will rule. So the car may have been increased in value more than the improved home if the demand for it was greater.

Despite the theory and the ideal we are all capitalist at heart.
We can not be all the same. Everyone soul has a special desire, a special yearning of fruition. And one thing was especially a deficit: The absence of religion and believe in a higher justice. In a society without a God is very selfish and materialistic. The human race was gone through many phases:

The birth on the low level of an animal was just the start to a spiritual development. The prophets told us, that there is a God, holding everything in His Almighty Hand. Everytime a prophet came to the human race, a higher civilization was the effect. But the prophets also learned us, that every God-inspired mission has a spring, a summer, a autumn and a winter period. In the Hindu´s Bhagavad Gita is given us the promise, that God sends us a new prophet, when the winter in a religion is come.

The communism ideas were riding on the spiritual wave of a new prophet: Bahá'u'lláh

The idea was not bad, but they wanted to to defame the belief in religion, so the communism has signed its collapse before it began.

it matters what you do, not how long you do it for. If you spent a day burning down your house and your neighbor was working on it the whole time, do you think the houses will sell for the same price? No. Whatever people think is better will cost more, they dont care how much labor was put into it
... it also matters who you are....

If it was someone famous that bricked the car and spraybombed it, like say john lennon for instance, how much would the car be worth then?

Peoples skidmarked underwear sell for mega dollars based entirely on who soiled, them in our society nowadays... so i guess value is mainly in the eye of the beholder.
Ha ha Jaysen,

Now there's an idea for selling on ebay. But how do you prove/authenticate the skidmarks?
perhaps video footage of the person eating bean burritos?
Pablo Diablo
"In my opinon it is not how much effort is put into the labour ( note the correct english spelling) but the value of that labour. "

I agree with him. If the value of the labour is garbage, then it's not really worth being rewarded. Of course there are exceptions, but generally what he said is most true.
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