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Graphic programs?

hello, i was planning on buying a graphics program and i was looking for some suggestions. can you tell me what i should get?
Depends on your budget and what sort of work you are planning to use it for. More info!
well not only graphics....i want to learn how to use it for the future...becuase i would really like to design websites later on in life... right now i just have a simple skateboarding site ( ) but i plan to go bigger. professionally desing sites.... i was thinking about PSP or photoshop i heard it was good. i had a trial of PSP 7.0 once n it was nice but i never really learned how to use it. if i bought i program will it have tutorials in it?
Personally i think Macromedia Fireworks is a good choice. Photoshop is arguably the best graphics program, but it's rather complicated to learn and not geared towards web graphics like fireworks is. I've tried most of them at one point or another, and i've always gone back to fireworks. It is fairly easy to learn, does jpg and animated gifs, and puts out in htm format so you can make your site without any other program. (although its coding of pages is rather bloated and messy, so i would suggest dreamweaver or another "specialized prog for actually building your site)
Adobe Photoshop is argueably the best (and possibly the most expensive) graphics program, but I have had alot of experience with Paintshop Pro and I find it has most of the features of Photoshop but without the huge pricetag.

Paintshop is also an Adobe compliant program, so most of the plugins that are available for Photoshop will work with Paintshop as well.

I would suggest trying out more than one program to find your own comfort level before you actually put down some hard cash on a program that may take you a year to master.

Just my 2 cents Smile
I suppose Adobe PS is the best, but if your budget wont make it, or u dont want to sit through millions of tutorials, use Macromedia Fireworks. It's a simple program, and it mostly works the same way as PS (mostly) so if you get tired of it, changing to PS would be easier. ^.^ good luck with your future and everything =]
First practise, then buy.

Too many people really stink at things like Photoshop, and it's kinda sad that hundreds of dollars go to waste..
Photoshop is a great choise, but check if you can handle the cost....
photoshop all the way, industry standard, nothing it cant handle, and yes check the cost, but educational version alot cheaper!
If you are looking at doing more than web stuff, check out the Adobe Creative Suite. This combines programs that do web, print, photos, and vector drawing all in one complete package. Since Adobe bought Macromedia, their products are in the process of becoming integrated with Adobe's. The cost is high:!:, and you may be better off starting out with something less expensive. They have free trials, so sometime when you have some time to devote to it, download the trial and play with it, try out a project.

Hope this helps. I'm very happy with the Creative Suite, but it is very expensive, unless you get the educational version. I got mine for $400 on the educational version.
Before buy something...

try to use freeware... GIMP

If your budget can afford it, then I'd suggest getting the latest version Photoshop. I *got* it about a month ago, and my experience with previous graphics programs made it easy to get used to, but if you're new to complicated programs then you'd probably have to scour the Internet for every tutorial you could find. Wink

If you're looking for a slightly less expensive alternative, then go with Paintshop Pro, I used PSP 7 for about 2 years and PSP 9 for about 1 year, I must say it is an excellent program. While it lacks some of Photoshop's more impressive features, it's still a very powerful porgram and a tad more cost effective.

Hope that helps. Very Happy
All of the above suggestions are great. I personally use Photoshop, and what I'd do is download the demos for these products and decide for yourself which one you want...
How about GIMP?
GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.
Gimp is what I used for many years until I could afford Photoshop. At first, I hated Photoshop I was so used to Gimp's methods. But now, I use Photoshop if available (at home), and Gimp otherwise (at work or at friends' houses). I haven't really found anything I can do in Photoshop I can't do in Gimp, things just seem easier for me now in Photoshop. Photoshop seems to support my graphics tablet better as well, although this may just be my lack of experience with it in Gimp.

Oh, and contrary to what I was led to believe, I experience just as many crashes with Photoshop as I do with Gimp. :-/
right now i work with, photoshop, dreamweaver and flash.
that's about all you need.

But if you wait a bit, i think there might come a new line of products of these two companies combined. (that's what i hope)
In my oppinoin Photoshop and Illustrator are two great programs to have. YOu can do almost anything that you can think of in photoshop ( with pictures and editing and whatnot) Then Illustrator you have the ability to make Vector art. ( NO PIXILATION!!!) but they can be kind of costly. Just check it out.
I use GIMP, and it suits my needs, so no need of buying a really expensive software for now. But I have tried Macromedia Fireworks and it is really nice, I liked it a lot, but my trial period finished... Crying or Very sad

Before buying anything, try GIMP, since it's free and very useful.
photoshop, definently, i use it. its just the best
how do i get GIMP? ive tried downloading trials and there always is an error its making me mad. can anyone hook me up with a link? thanks

Download the GTK+ that suits your OS and install it

Download GIMP and install it


The order of the tasks must be kept the same

Everything works!

Try GimpShop - It is the Gimp hacked to closely resemble Photoshop. It is really sweet for a free program. Plus if you want something different later, the switch will be easier (you will know what you want and have a basic idea of how to do it). It can do almost anything Photoshop can.

I bought the Adobe Creative Suite educational version. I love it. $400USD for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, (GoLive is crap) and a few other useless programs included. Adobe PDF Pro is good if you use that format. This is the industry standard.

I also bought Macromedia Studio 8 educational version. Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash Pro. I love it.

This costed some $$$, even though it is educational software, but I am going to college for photography/web design/graphic design. I know I have changed my major 3 times. Anyways, the educational versions are full versions that can be upgraded later if you are going to earn money with them.

Hope this helped, maybe give GimpShop a try. Good luck.
i am probably going to college for Web Design, Graphic design, Multi-media, and/or Computer Science. in the long run id like to be a web designer...we'll see where this takes me haha. thanks for you 2 cents!
lol ok i downloaded it...its pretty confusing... is there a tutorial i can look at somewhere?
Google 'gimp tutorial' or go to the gimp homepage and there might be something on there.

I actually learned photoshop in school and used gimp at home until I bought the educational version of PSCS2. Gimpshop was basically the same as PS so if you learn Gimp first, you will be familiar with PS.
I think photoshop.
If you buy it, i think your getting more than just photoshop if you'r buying it.
It's a money-worth program defenitly! Smile
Ehhm.. yea.. Or if you don't want to be legal. Download it for 30 days on and then find some crack for it Smile
(I got mine from dads work though)
i'd have to say +1 on the GIMP thing. Some people really arent suited for graphics design as said a little earlier. Use GIMP for a bit and if you find that it's something your good at and most importantly enjoy, then you can invest in photoshop (make sure you download the trial first so you don't waste your money then decide that GIMP is better for you). As for tutorials, i've written about 3 that are here in Frihost's tutorial section. They are more geared toward signature making, but you can pick up some basic concepts from them. If you need any help feel free to PM me.
I bought Paint Shop Pro a long time ago, and it isn't very good. Trust me on that. The Gimp isn't really "professional", but its a good alternative for Linux users. I would recommend purchasing Adobe Photoshop CS 2.
hmm with gimp when i do gradients...i want to make it orange n make it fade to white...but the only way i can use gradients is in Black and do i do that?
burningjacks wrote:
hmm with gimp when i do gradients...i want to make it orange n make it fade to white...but the only way i can use gradients is in Black and do i do that?

I'm not a Gimp user, but I think you just change your colors like you would on a brush, should be little black square next to a little white square. You can click on the squares to change the colors and when you make the gradient, it'll use those colors.
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