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Which C++ IDE do you use?

Wich C++ IDE you use? Please say the IDE and why you use it.
mostly dev c++. very easy to use, can be configured to be used with any external compiler, etc..
if at all an IDE then dev c++ or an older version of Borland (5.0)

most of the time im using gcc so no need for IDE... (well just emacs or something similar does the job...)
Back when I did alot of command line programming, I used to use Borland's Turbo C++ IDE. This environment was a text based GUI (if that makes sense).

For GUI Windows programming, then it is best to go with the Visual Studio IDE.

What OS are you programming on, and what are you trying to do with your programs?
Me too uses emacs/vi most of the time.

But I occasionally use Anjuta IDE too.
I use Anjuta too... It's nice and simple... I write programs in Linux, and I'm doing it just for learning something...
When it doesnt matter if I am using 16 bit or 32 bit code, I use Turbo C++ 3.0. Where as for writing windows based or 32 bit applications I use DEV C++'s IDE. But still I prefer using the IDE which comes with TC++. I like the way it is so easy in it to access the help library. All you need to do is right click on a keyword or a function name to open up the manual for that keyword or function.
I just don't get that IDE crap. dev C++ is the best one I've ever used, cuz of the external compiler feature. Usually the built in compilers suck.

Personally, I just use TextPad with C++ syntax files and one of many standalone compilers/linkers.
i don't use an ide, i use jed
on windows: Devcpp, gvim(*)
on linux: Anjuta, Gedit(*), Kate(*), vim(*)

(*) -> only editor, there is no special about compiling or debugging
On windows I use Visual Studio.
On linux I use KDevelop.

I use visual studio because of the ease. It's fairly easy and it gives you a good overview. As for KDevelop I just use it because I don't want to compile my apps from commandline.

Visual C++ 6.0 SP6



But now I rarely use Anjuta because of KDevelop.
Well, I started out using xemacs, and now i use Visual C++.
My OS is linux, and I use vim. I like it because it is easy to read (I read better with light font on a dark background, like a terminal), and when you're working with a file that is .c .cpp .html, and many others, it makes different items different colors, so it's easy to tell what's what. Also, it helps group sections of code that are in braces with colors. If your curly braces are jacked up, the text will be in funky colors and you'll know it. Of course, if you're using M$ Windows, then vim isn't really an option. My brother uses a program that is like a vim-notepad hybrid for windows. Basically does the same thing as vim but looks like notepad and is for windows. I'll edit this when I find out what it is called. You could use MinGW for compiling your programs. It is basically a port of gcc for windows. Happy Coding!
I have Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual 2003 on my comp.. I normally use Visual C++ to develop my programs though..

The advantage of the .net version is tht it got more features, but it also means users will nid to hav the .NET framework installed on their computers for executables to work, which will be troublesome, unlike Visual Studio 6.0.. That's why I have two versions on my computer.. Wink
I use SlickEdit. I find its tagging feature very useful.
Visual studio is quite good too.
for windows I use dev-cpp (but some bugs are here and no development of this ide was made sinc I installed it before one year)

with linux or solaris, I use Borland c++ builder, but the best for me was vim configured to compile c++ code, so vim is the best editor with some kind of ide features for me
dev cpp: way to go.
on linux i never tried. On my iBook, its xcode 2.1
On Windows, Visual Studio.
For Linux, I use Kate.

I'm going to install Kate on Windows via Cygwin/KDE. Eventually.

I personally use kate on linux. It's very good & easy to use.
On windows I use dev C++.
Me to, I use Dev-C++ for windows/dreamcast applications and eVC++ for pocket pc apps.
cemaytar wrote:
on windows: Devcpp, gvim(*)
on linux: Anjuta, Gedit(*), Kate(*), vim(*)

(*) -> only editor, there is no special about compiling or debugging

I don't know nothing about the others but vim is not just only an editor. It is really advanced rich-featured program intended to be helpful to programmers. And it's designed to work with compilers and examine their output. But vim is a powerful tool and one who wants to use it needs to learn it. If you use vim by pressing I, editing text manually and moving with arrows, then pressing ESC :qw then you don't actually use vim - you degrade it to windows notepad level.
Personally I like vim and I study it every day I can :>
What about Bloodshed tools? Yeah, DevCPP is quite neat.
my favourite is Dev-C++. its really easy to use but is also very powerful if you know what you're doing.
Borland c ++ builder is very good ide,I like use it
I use Dev-C++. It's awesome, especially the DevPaks thing they have. No more manually setting up OpenGL. Very Happy
I use Visual Studio for Windows and sometimes DevC++

Also SciTe and NotePad++ are recommended for Good C++ editing especially color codes

on linux , u have anjuta by Naba Kumar for use

U can use KDevelop also which is too great for Windows Applicatrion Development on Linux
i use visual studio with c#!
In windows I use dev C++, in linux I use ajunta.
I use MS Dev studio. There is no merge feature. Do you know is there any free Code Merge tool/utility out there? which one do you recommend? thanks
I usually program on WINDOW system thats why I use MS Visual Studio. I'm using MS Visual C++ 2005 Express, it is now free to download at MSDN.
Well if you are a beginner to C++ and a windows user as well then Dev C++ is an easy to use IDE and also nice looking . I usually use it my self because i feel comfortable with it Before it i was using the Turbo C 3.0
I use visual c++ 6 for all my c++ coding work.
I've used Dev C++ before but I currently am using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. I have very little experience with C++, and it seems to work fine for me.
I use visual studio 2005. I'm a sucker for eye candy.
I use gcc based compiler and vi. All my work are done inside vi include edit, compile, check error, code navigate etc.
i used borland c++ ide for my cource work.
kv Why? Well, I am used to microsoft editors and the commands/shortcut keys so much, any other editor is a learning curve.

I liked the code folding feature of, which is not available in many ides.
I started out using Dev C++, but then I switched to LCC because I could right-click on functions (Win32 API) and look them up in the documentation. Also, Dev C++ acted weird on my computer.
I used to use Borland 5.0 ... I formatted the Computer, I could not find the CD,
So I downloaded Bloodshed Dev-C++ ... I am not a very serious programmer so I find it all right ...

When I was learning C++. I was tauhght in turbo C++ .
Now I have learnt the concept. And in future I will be using Visual C++.
Callisto from Eclipse which allows you to switch between Linux and Windows very easy is the tool for me.
Visual C++ 2003

Dev C++

and Eclipse

also I use certain editors which show the code in color like

and Notepad++
For Windows I use Visual Studio 2005.

I have become very comfortable with this IDE while programming in Visual Basic and C# so i have continued using it for C++.
for windows i use Visual studio 2005 express editon or sharp develop. sometimes i also use vc++ 6.
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