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Well.. I like Nba... And I want to discuss with you who gonna take the title this year..
I think it's gonna be Detroit Pistons... They have the Wallaces, Hemilton and Billups.... They are great team and I think that they gonna take the title...
S' Kus Lah
is the nba still on normal tv?
is the nba still on normal tv?
I think every team has the chance to get the title... it's not about how good you are... it's all about the ambition, team work and other things that makes the game look very good...

I like NBA... but i like better the respect that is on basketball... or... in my country there is... at every fault or other things... people say sorry... and stuff like that... i mean it's a game that makes the difference in this world... i hope that's how it is in other parts of the world...
i agree with ceaser but i think that the cavalires or the sixers are gonna take cause both lebron james,and allen iverson are playing there best aspecialy lebron but u no i might be wrong some of the other teams might make a big come back and take the title but im still sticking with the sixers or the cavaliers
greetings to all my fellow posters here in firhost.
well i also like to play and watch basketball. My favorite player in the NBA is Steve NASH, i like the way he moves and crossover the enemies. he has a very good dribbling skills and wonderful passing talents. He is a very good point guard.

his team now, is doing their very best to play and win every game. Bad thing Amare is injured. Well GOOD LUCK guys.

I think spurs is going to take the title again. They have a very good shooting guard Mano Ginobili. That guy is so clever playing basketball. lol.

Well that's is just my opinion.

take care all of you and GOD bless.

Thanks frihost. More power and GOD bless!
Did anyone else think that the talk of the Pistons winning 72 games was ridiculous? What would be the point of that? I mean, if they locked up home court advantage with 10 games left to play, what good would it do them to win 72? They would have been risking injury every night for no reason. Besides, you have to be real good to win 72 games, and the Spurs aren't as good as Jordan's Bulls back in the day. I don't think there will be another 72 win team for quite some time.
You can see some lives game sometimes in the Espn Sport Channel...

and I like NBa... I love all the moves from all the greatest players in the World Smile it's excting every time I see it Smile
Favorites for the title right now are undoubtedly the Pistons. Nevertheless, they couldn't beat San Antonio last year and they won't this year either if that is the matchup.

I see the Pistons winning if someone in the West manages to knock off the Spurs. Otherwise the title goes back to San Antonio again.

So Detroit better hope Dallas knocks off the Spurs!
Vince Carter is my favorite basketballer.I think he is the best dunker in the world.He plays very well.He is good three pointer also good jumper.I think he is the most athletich basketballer so good ball steder and good blocker .He plays with jason Kidd since last year.He plays better than before this year.I think Jason Kidd is the best passer in the world and this year Vince Carter's the best move was dunk over Alonzo Morning.
any site broadcasting on the net ??
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