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Making a homepage?!

Hello everyone,

I am wanting to make a homepage for my forums. Well basically a page that loads up first and then leads to my forums. Sort of like a Portal I guess.
Now I am familiar with HTML and how to use it for making a web page. But I wanted to ask, if there are easier or better ways to make it look more professional in the design, and set up.

Are there any other coding or scripting languages I could use, or maybe specific programs?

Thanks for your help!
make someting in photoshop, and splice it up, photoshop does all the table coding 4 u
Lady Elensar
You can also use CSS. That's much easier imo. But for the layout, I don't know if it makes sense. Maybe there are websites which explains or have tutorials how to make a website layout, only I don't know one. You can search for it. Smile Otherwise you could try to look at some free layouts how they are builded-up. (I don't know how to say it in correct English Embarassed)
You could also try using I-frames. Or if you do really want to make a portal you can use PHP Nuke and the like... Smile Smile
I think the best thing to do if you are just looking for a portal page is
check out some of the free templates available on the net have quite a few

If you pick a simple one then it wouldn't take much work to re-edit it to your spec.

Another option i have seen used is to create a page with just an image on it (maybe your logo) with a "click to enter my forum" kind of message under it.
Or just use Dreamweaver for the coding. Good for beginners.
U may also use FRONTPAGE in creating your site. Its very easy everything is there. If you are using Windows then you have this installed in your pc. Try to check if u have and start creating your website from there.
Use Adobe Photoshop for your own design creating,
Macromedia Dreamwaver for scripting it - instead of writing all the tags and CSS you make it in visual editor.
After finishing add some javascripts if you want or flash. Thats all!
If you are looking for a nice easy to use program (in my opinion it's easy to use) I recommend NVU, a HTML editor with some coding abilities (I think). Check it out at I haven't had any trouble with it. You should easily be able to make a homepage with it.
kamote wrote:
U may also use FRONTPAGE in creating your site. Its very easy everything is there. If you are using Windows then you have this installed in your pc. Try to check if u have and start creating your website from there.

Not to pick on you Kamote, but Frontpage puts in a lot of crap you don't need in your website. Other html editors like Dreamweaver and Adobe Go Live put lots less code in than Frontpage.
As for the portal, I would suggest that unless you have a good reason for putting one on, I wouldn't do it. Why block your users from getting what they want? If you have other information on your website than just the forum, though, this would be a good idea.
i use frontpage Designing surveys is an art unto itself, requiring careful analysis, skill, and an absolute attention to detail. On the other hand, coding or developing a Web page that contains an electronic form that collects the data from a willing participant is often just as arduous. That is, until Microsoft® FrontPage® 98 or higher was released. If you use Microsoft FrontPage to both design and manage your Web site, you are in good hands. FrontPage makes developing and publishing a Web form or survey a breeze. Moreover, it doesn't require that you know any programming or scripting languages that interactively collect and dynamically display results from a database as you will see in this tutorial. But before I move on to actually creating an online survey in this demonstration, there are few things you should understand about designing a form from scratch.

The first step in designing any survey, be it a one-button opinion poll or an elaborate multi-page form, is to sketch out the survey on paper or develop it in Microsoft Word or use Microsoft Visio®, a powerful, easy to use diagramming tool. Next, carefully think through all of the variables or questions to elicit the best response, then lay out the fields in logical order, and most importantly keep the form concise. Nothing is more irritating than having a seemingly non-relevant question pop up from nowhere while taking a survey. You need to keep in mind the participant's time constraints and interest. It's also not a bad idea to tell the survey participant where to find the published results of your survey or how you plan to use it. Another important tip is to refrain from collecting personal information about the survey taker, obviously for reasons of privacy.
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