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Here is my RPG.
It's not rpg at all but i'm gonna improve it.
Can you tell me what should i add, what should i delete, what should i improve etc.?
how bout creativity? I died against a troll right away Sad
I'm going to improve it, as i said. I'm adding Inventory right now. Then i will add some other skills and maybe feats. Then I'll create a city and there will be quests. But inventory first..

By the way, New version is released. i added inventory and a market to trade. have fun Very Happy
May I also suggest something? That you use and not rapidshare.
yeah, take it:

i have changed the combat in 0.0.8. And giving stats are much more easier. And the monsters are much more powerful Very Happy

I'm gonna add some spells and release the new version.
It is so so , but i dont like it
it would be weird if you liked it. It isn't improved and doesnt contain RPG elements. But it WILL contain... Wait till i finish 0.0.8. You'll be able to cast spells in that version.
I'm having trouble downloading it. The link brings me back to the home page. If I could, I'd play it and tell you how it is.
hey here's a suggestion, use Game Maker, it's easy.

trust me, it will look a lot better and you don't have to pay for it. It kind of orginze the graphic for you, you just click and put the graphic at the place you want to paste it.
Actually, if you're really interested in making an RPG - check out a program called RPG Maker, it's really easy to use and the XP version has some scripting capabilities to extend your games further.
Just Google "RPG Maker" and you should find what you're looking for.
Another suggestion, put up screenshots of the game, or links to them (good image host is ) so people know if they like the looks of it Very Happy Good luck making the RPG...
If you want a good rpg, then go to and hack one. They have built some amazing hacking tools, very user friendly. Mainly used for goofy or off the wall rpgs.

Ever play Earthbound?
Earthboun rules.
Its a really good satire of the american RPG's.
Mother / Earthbound 3 is coming to GBA in Japan soon \o/
No, no, no... It won't do, even if you made it as user friendly as text MUDs. Other than that from my experience I know that bigger projects, or "from the scrap" projects never get finished... Maybe instead of making a RPG:

1) Learn some graphic programming and make some easy, small game, f.e. clone of tertis, arkanoid or dyna blaster
2) As others said BUY(if you have a credit card:D) and use RPG Maker XP. I hate all those rascals who pirate it.
3) Do not use game maker. It isn't too good;p

Earthbound is nice;D
rpg maker? No way! in c++, you can make it as you wish. No limitations.

And did you say screenshot? that game is text based Very Happy Very Happy

Edit: Im gonna learn DirectX soon. then i'll be able to make isometrical RPGs
I know it's text based, it's why I said about MUDs;x

No way you're making an RPG in C++ on your own. Sorry. Unless you get dev-team or spend 5 next years making it;D

As I said - start from small things.
Great start. It reminds me of a game that I used to play called net hack. I hope to see this game progress and become something that I will play.
Dude, I like your game, its cool, don't give up. I love text based games. Most of all, you'll gain valuable programming experience from making something like this. Knowledge of C++ is much more useful than that of Gamemaker and RPGMaker (Both of which I have used. I had a fairly large Gamemaker project)

Once you have worked on this project for awhile you will hopefully have learned things that will help you a lot in the world of graphical gaming.
Thanks for supporting Very Happy
its 0.0.8. I added spells. But the game is far too easy. especially after you buy a good sword. I'm not sure if i should keep on working on this project. I'm gonna learn DirectX (my complier doesnt support 9.0, so i'm gonna get it from one of my friends)

Once you have worked on this project for awhile you will hopefully have learned things that will help you a lot in the world of graphical gaming.

Yes, thats why i'm doing that. my aim is to create a game as good as Fallout or Arcanum. Hope i will Very Happy

Edit: i started from small things... My first game was a tycoon game called Hotdog. Im coding it using PHP now, so i'll be able to make the first MMOTycoon game in the world Very Happy

And, if you saw the first version of this game,you'd not say that. In it, you can only go SNWE, cannot rest, cannot levelup, cannot buy anything... I have had a great progress since the first version. But now i'm in dilemma (if i should continue or learn DirectX)
it' seems to be good...let me check it.
not bad dude, not bad!!!

I have no idea how to do that Crying or Very sad
I just downloaded this, it's pretty good!
I really can't be bothered learning C++, looks like too much for me Razz
Maybe when I leave school.....
For now I think I'll stick to RPG Maker XP, it's simple enough that I can focus mainly on story and structure than all the little details.

It's because I'm lazy I think hehe

Anyone interested in RPGs should definitely check it out, you can buy it from a few places if you have a credit card or can use Paypal. It's in Japanese but there are legal patches available to translate it into English.

Anyway, good work masterevil and keep it up!
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