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Where can i learn...

... To build my own web templates? Also is it possible on your site to have a hit counter but so only you can see it? so i know how many people visit it?
To learn how make own template is to teach someone's template. You should learn PHP, xHTML and CSS to make good templates. Visit W3Schools and there you learn the basics. To learn CSS in professional way Visit CSSZengarden and learn those. Have you ever done a homepage, if you have, send me the link and I would say what you need to practice Wink
Nutorious i took that template of someone, but i have edited quite a bit and i jusyt want to basicly copy that design.
you can make templates on different ways, you can just slice it and code it
in for exemple photoshop and code it in dreamweaver, there are many tutorails for that. is one of them.
and an invisible counter you can find on
Try They have some good tutorials.
A good tutorial site on websites will be Also to make your own design to your website just make a design in photoslop and will tell you a tutorial on how to slice it and sve it into frames and different stuff like that.
Loathing in Fear
To put a free, invisible statcounter on your site, go to:

Just design your own webtemplate in photoshop, and when you don't have photoshop, you can even do it in paint! it is very easy.
To code it into your web page, use a tutorial like the others already said.

Loathing Wink
Could somone please tell me the size i need to set it in photoshop.. like 400x200 or what? which is the best size to go for?
Nutorious wrote:
Could somone please tell me the size i need to set it in photoshop.. like 400x200 or what? which is the best size to go for?

You mean for the template? Well, most templates are either at 800x600 or 1024x768 (depending on the size of the designer's monitor).

Also, DirectAdmin has in-built statistics, under the 'Statistics' option (there should be a 'Webalizer Stats' link, this will show you all the statistics).
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