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I'll like a logo for my futur website (not yet online... still many thing to do... like having a logo !!!) NappyPooh.

The template will be this one : Hello Africa.
Except that I'm trying to put more green in it, but not easy... Right now, I've just change the background color from dark red to light green (A6FF80).

Hum, it will go to the place where now there is the Logo Hello_Africa.

Size: 578 x 122 px

Text: NappyPooh

Design and style :
The public will be parents (more mums than dads, though I think) of babies.

The title being NappyPooh, I'll like to have a cute napping brown bear cub with a cloth diaper ! He, maybe the diaper can be of the same pastel light green (A6FF80).
I was thinking of a quite graphical design (no need to be realistic at all). Something like the cartoon on the template Hello_africa or like those :

Well... don't know what I could have forgotten so... just ask if needed Wink

Thanks a lot in advance.
Hum... I see that I'm not interesting anybody... Crying or Very sad

Is it because I'm offering too few frih$ ? What if I offer all my fortune in frih$ : 160 Fri$ ?

Crying or Very sad
I'll do it :] Give me a few days and I'll have a PM for you. Or just keep checking up on this thread. Later. Mr. Green

/edit: I don't see "HELLO_AFRICA" anywhere on that template? It's going to be hard for me to make a logo without knowing where it's going or what the general aim is...
YEAH ! Thanks Smile

Sorry for the link, I didn't try it on, and it seems that the point at the end was interfering Embarassed . I re-did it in the 1st post, it seems to work ok now.
Ill do it also then you can choose which graphic you like better.
Waouh ! Super nice ! Very Happy

Hum, I have to tell you that since yesterday, I've been hesitating, and maybe that I will use this template instead :

The flower will go I think. I the logo and site name would go in the green header I guess.

For the rest, it should be the same.

Sorry, for this. Don't know how I could make it easy for you ! Embarassed

Maybe you should work only on the logo without bothering about the template ? Is it possible ?

Thank a lot anyway !!!
It is a little rough but i just put this together i know that things have now changed with it and everything but i thought that i would show you what i had come up with when the size and everythign was the same. Tell me if this is what you were looking of or not.
I am new here and i dont know how to post a picture yet but there is the URL of my online portfolio it is up there so i think that you should be able to see it from there.

( it is the picture with the Green icon. or the teddy bearicon both the same pic)
Hi !

Thanks for this 1st shoot.

I quite like the theme (Garden) you used. In fact it goes very well in the new template also.

But, the bear isn't what I have in mind at all... I would like an unisex bear cub, not teddyish, and sleeping (taking a Nap, like in Nappy pooh Wink ). Now that the server 2 here is down, it's pretty hard for me to give you some example so that you'll see what I'm looking for...
Let say that I was thinking more of these kind of design :

What are the 2 hands print ? Is it a signature ?
I was more about thinking of putting the weblink of the one who help me make my logo on my website, once effective. In some credit category or like...

I'm sorry of being so fussy, but a logo is really quite important.
Just to say that I have the logo background for this template :

So I can send it to you if you want. Very Happy

Thanks !
Dont start without me. Ill take a go in this too, so wait up guys. And also i cant see the first picture you posted, is the link broken maybe?
Ok so i got a few pictures together here Lilystock. The link is below, so click it and tell me which bears you want in. There all cute and cuddly Smile . And also if you see one you like post the file name or PM me and i'll start making the request. And also is there a spceific text you want us to use or we could use any?

Thank you.

Theres my outcome of this request. I f you want anything changed post it and I'll change it and also if you want a border on it, I could do that too. Wjatever changes you want just post them, alright?

Zach Ownz
pretty good for the quality of pictures you had to use Very Happy
LOL if you talking to me thanks then. Cool

I just hope Lilystock likes it....Well if he wants any changes ill do them since it doesnt take me long to do them anyways.

Enjoy... Razz
Hi XxGunner !

Sorry, didn't have time to answer ealier.

Thanks for the work ! It's really very nice, but I'm looking for a sleeping (napping) bear cub... Embarassed
OH ok Lilly. Do you like the current one i made though? I could just edit it and add a napping bear cub and then ill post it here again? is that ok? or do you just want the napping bear cub as the only picture and thats all....?

Yes, I would like to have only the napping bear cub... Embarassed

Thanks a lot Very Happy
Pretty good banner i like it

I am also learning to do photoshop

Here is the result after all :

Very Happy

But to thanks all the people that helped me, I'll donate 20Frih$/pers.

Closed as per author's request.

Lilystock, if you ever do need to open this thread again, please PM a moderator Smile.

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