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extreamly slow browsing RESOLVED

hello everyone I have a question
my computers browsing is to a freaking crawl =(
firefox and IE
both are going slow
however my transfer rates are still decent I hit 300Kbps this morning
so.... can anyone please help me out here?
could it be because i have only 256Mb of ram?
Ofcourse not. Neither the RAM nor the speed of your processor can effect your browsing or download speed.
Ofcourse not. Neither the RAM nor the speed of your processor can effect your browsing or download speed.

Actually it can. A great deal. Depending...
Lack of ram or processor speed would slow down everything on your computer, not just the internet, however.

A few more questions for troubleshooting: Has it always been this way? Or is this recent?
Try the following:
Open internet explorer, click on tools, then internet options.. click delete files, delete history, delete cookies. Click on advanced and click on restore defaults. Click ok. Close internet explorer, unplug your modem for about 10sec, plug it back in (then repeat with router if you have one)... reboot your comp. It should go faster in theory.

If not, open task manager (ctrl+alt+del), click on performance and see if your CPU usage is high. Depending on what version of windows you are using, 30% could be high, or 70% could be high lol.
If all is fairly normal and you're still getting slow surf, try pinging...
See what the results are. Anything over 200ms might indicate a problem (if you're on broadband). If your ping times are over 200ms, contact your ISP and tell them Smile

If they aren't over 200ms. If they're like in the 50s... Shut down that dang firewall, it's useless lol

Basically if none of the above works, there is something on your computer that's slowing it down. Check what programs are running. You might even have spyware. (If you notice a lot of popups, or if you have a popup blocker, chances are you do).
I'd suggest downloading adaware or spybot and running them just incase anyway. That tends to be a big issue with internet speed.
first off
thanks for all the replies
it is recent like before it dind't even take 2 seconds to load pages
now it took me like 25 seconds to load yahoo mail
(and other pages)
the ping is going at an average of 90 ms

my CPU
right now while doing this is about 15%
not bad

hmmm i've scanned too
im going to try unplugging then rebooting now to see if that helps any
oh and im on windows XP Home edition

I just did the cleaning up thing
and the modem thing my ping was better
heck it even started better well the ping? I dont know which is goood low?
high? or whatever lol
but now the average is 86 and its loading much better now
thanks =)
1) more RAM is always better
2) more free HD space is always better too
3) updated version of your programs are good (most of the time)
4) a virus and trojan free system is ALWAYS good

also defragment your computer if you havent done that in a while...
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