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Login Screen Problem

Hey guys, I just went to login to my computer and the computer started up fine, but the windows login screen showed NO accounts available to choose.

I only use one account, which is the main account. I am running Windows XP Pro and everything was working fine up until today. I have restarted it many times with no luck.

Windows Login Screen Picture Below

That is a NORMAL windows login screen with the accounts available to select. I SEE NOTHING in the screen but "Turn computer off" and unable to login to the computer at all.

Is there any way to bypass the login screen using setup during boot? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks for reading guys.
Looks likely that you just got virused.
Let me guess, You don't make regular backups of your system?
If not, then you'll probably be stuck re-installing windows.
If you still have your XP installation disk, then boot it up and try the repair option.
Virus? I have good Antivirus and firewall installed, so that is unlikely. However, a possibility I assume. I was gone about 10 hours before I turned it back on, so I really don't see how this happened.

I could re-install or repair, but I have files I need installed and I would hate to lose them.

If anyone has any ideas or help, help a guy out. Thanks.
Well, I suppose everybody has to learn this lesson:
If you use windows (and to a lesser exent any OS), and don't make regular backups, you shouldn't keep important data around.

You should still be able to access the data without booting from that drive.
Weather you boot up with a bootable CD, or Move the Hard Drive to another computer. If you move the hard drive to another computer, and the other computer is windows as well, then be very carefull.
Try getting into Safe Mode and see what's up with the accounts.
I had already tried booting in safe-mode and the same thing happens. As far as backups go, I never made any. I just installed XP on that computer about 15 days ago and hadn't expected this. However, it has happened and I am guessing not many people (if anyone) has had this exact error before.

I am just going to wait another day or so and see what everyone has to say about this before actually re-installing...hopefully it won't come down to it.

Thanks guys, Freezon.
Here's an option:
Hold your nose and log onto Microsoft's online user help department...
Freezon wrote:
which is the main account.

If by main you mean user id 500, the local admin user: please don't. Create a user or power user as your regular account


Is there any way to bypass the login screen using setup during boot?.

quickly tap CTRL-ALT-delete TWICE at the login screen for manual login. type in your user and pass
The above should help... if not, try the folowing:

Restart in Safe Mode
If the Welcome Screen shows up, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL twice
Under Username, type "Administrator" (without the quotes)
Unless you've changed the password, leave this box blank

If you are able to log on this way, you can go to START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL > USER ACCOUNTS and check if your user account is still there. Consider creating a new account and copying the contents of your private folders etc across. You could also try creating a new account (with administrator priviliges, just for temporary access) so you can log in as normal and run virus and malware scans. After that, if it's successful, you can remove the temporary user account.
WOW thanks a lot guys. Manual login (CTRL+ALT+DEL(x2)) worked perfectly. I now have changed the settings to bring up the manual login screen. It is really weird that my account vanished off the screen on automatic login...but nonetheless manual works for me.

Wink Again, thanks guys, much love. Wink
Looks you got your problem sovled Smile

PM me or any other mods if you need to unlock this topic.

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