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american or british sports ?????

american sports or british sports
american sports
 47%  [ 8 ]
bristish sports
 52%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 17

hey who prefers what?
British sports….. obviously.
They have exported very well.
Football, Cricket, Golf and Rugby are the main ones.
american sport is more in the business. It is "cooler" as brisih sports. And it it transmitted al over the world . so its very famous. !
In these days of global communication, the fact that something is transmitted all over the world means little. Are American sports popular around the world? Or are do they merely fulfil niche interest?

As for which sports are the best. In my opinion American sports can be very slow paced with frequent stoppages in play. (i.e. Baseball and American Football).
While this does not condemn the games, I think it takes away excitement. A continuous, free flowing game is best. Although I can appreciate the militaristic nature of American Football, I mean, who doesn’t like watching people crash into each other. However the concept is hardly original and Rugby is better.
Yeah i think the fact that most american sports are only played in a handful of areas around the world suggests that the british-invented sports are better/more popular/more exciting. NHL is a pretty exciting sport though imo.
But why are British sports so popular around the world?
Because of the Empire of course! The position of world hegemon grants numerous opportunities to export culture around the world; Britain did it by colonising territory. The US seems to be exporting their culture more subtly by using television and business. Although this method is evidently less effective, but who knows, maybe baseball will be Iraq’s new national sport!
American Sports are too brutish and they only have two which I can think of (Baseball and American Football)

I think why not just stick to the normal name of football for "Soccer"

I reckon Brits have better sports than the Americans as we are less bryutal (Exept in Rugby)
American sports as deeblue said is more on the money making side of the business, I mean come on most athletes on the NBA makes an insane amount of salary even those people who's on the bench most of the time. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

British sports are more....of a sport. I mean sure both might have some really physical sports, but there's something classic about british sports that might catch one's attention.

I mean how many times can you look at the golf ball landing either on the green or the rough. it's boring yet, I seem fascinated with it. weird.
I love Basketball.But I love football too.
At the moment I'm playing basketball in my room Laughing
gotta be the british sports as there highly competitive . one sport i hate out of british sports are golf to slow and boring for me unlike soocer/football.
Man, it's Aussie sports all the way. We don't need an ice rink to spice up a sport.
As a side note, don't send your s***ty NHL crap games over here - you don't play our sport games, so what makes you think we wanna play yours?
One word: CRICKET

Interesting topic, though...

I can only think that it's about what type of sports you like - ie the competitive, physical side or tactical (yes, some sports involve more of a 'sportiness', others are about sheer brutishness - and how much you understand each sport. Also, since I have moved from Australia to the US, I can understand both sides. I never understood NFL but when I started to learn the rules and know what to watch for, it made it more interesting. Same for NHL.

However, I'll watch most sports except for golf, tennis and swimming (is it really a sport?).
Well... I like this and this..
from the American sports I like ovious the - NBA leauge...
and From the British Sport I like the Soccer.. and the great teams.. like Chelsea, Manchester United..

Basketball is Canadian.


However, I'll watch most sports except for golf, tennis and swimming (is it really a sport?).

Which one?
Golf and Tennis are games. Swimming is definitely a sport, and a very pure one too.
I can't pick between the two, I'd say a mixture. I like cricket but also football (both), and baseball.
The English (not american) sports are much better than the American sports. The American's just mess up the games. The only American made sport I like is basketball. The others are awful.

I also like soccer the best so I think that creating soccer was the best idea and since this idea belonged to the British, it wouldn't be nice if I forgot soccer
The obvious answer to this is British sports.

The first one has already been mentioned by monkeystravels - and that's the pace of them. I find it mind blowing that so many people pay for season tickets to sit in a stand and watch 30 second intervals of people running around throwing and catching an egg shaped ball. Also, the lack of talent a lot of these American football players have is ridiculous. I don't mean to cause an argument or offend anyone, but I find that the only talent in American football is throwing, catching and running fast. But for some players, all you need to be able to do is be heavy and apply your weight. It's ridiculous. Some players don't even need tactics, they just need to run into other players. What is the point of paying $50 to see that? I feel the same way about baseball, minus the lack of talent needed parts.

Another point someone made was that American sports are seen all over the world. That, my friend, is not true. Baseball is shown, yes, but not a lot of people watch it. American football is definitely not shown all over the world, because quite simply, it's not popular enough. The superbowl, being a world famous event is, but the NFL games are shown quite rarely in European countries and in Asia.

I suppose in a way I prefer British sports because I'm from England - being British. That doesn't mean that I believe we're superior in any way, it just means I've been raised on football and rugby like any normal British lad, and they're the sports that I've grown to love. Football for me is the greatest sport ever. And I don't care what American's say about it being boring, it's superb. And I think the rest of the world agrees with me there. Because quite frankly, it's the most popular sport there is.
Michael Wilson
Sir Mikey,

You complain about the stop start nature of US sports without examining the UK sports.

How many breaks are there in a one day cricket match? 600 + tea breaks and lunch!!

How many in a 5 day test match 600 X 5 + tea breaks and luncg and they often end in a draw.

In rugby the ball is dead 60% of the time.

Netball has penaltys every 10 seconds

Soccer is the the only flowing sport form the UK, but is also the only sport that shows missed goals on the highlight reels

UK sports coaches have learned alot form US sports.

Sir Clive went to visit the Huskies before the world cup, came back and put in to place positional coaches, film managers etc

League coaches have leaned defencive patterns, gang tackling, contioning etc

league even paints number on the feild with little arrows to look like football!

I say give back you knighthood mikey
I'll take american, only because, it's the only sports i've ever played.
i think British sports...i like them more than American's i don't know why but i love they...
Because american sports have very special names for ex. in Europe is soccer called football - because you play by your "foot" the "ball" but in American football you don't use your foot so much - you carry the ball by the hands... And I think (only think, I'm not sure) that in EU it's called rugby.

But I like baseball too. Its much better than cricket. And I like Orienteering - but it is most Swedish sport...
Neither is really better or worse, they're just different. Of course most people from Britain are going to say British sports and most Americans will say American Sports are better, but neither is better. Every sport is unique and has excitement in its own way, whether you like it or let's avoid bashing American sports (because I haven't seen many people bash British sports -- but let's not do that either) and just accept that there are different sports and people have different preferences.

But I prefer American sports.
Subsonic Sound
Cricket is played by countries all over the world.

America plays itself at Baseball, and calls it the World Series, in defiance of all logic.

* * *

Rugby is played by countries all over the world.

America... plays itself at American Football.

* * *

Football (soccer) is played by countries all over the world

And... that's about it, actually.

Yes, I'm a little biased on the grounds of being English, but still - I've watched a baseball game, and it was dull. I watched the last day of the Old Trafford leg of the last Ashes series... superb! Yes, it was the fifth day of the same match, and it lasted all day, but it was non-stop tension, with incredible atmosphere.

And rugby is an incredibly fun game to watch - just not play. Smile

Football, I must admit I have no interest in whatsoever.
AMerican sports all the way. id say ive fallen asleep over 3/4 of the time ive seen british sports.
Michael Wilson
The world baseball classic showed the level of skill world wide. There were 7-8 countries that had a legitimate shot at the title.

Rugby World cup has 5 that had a legitimate shot. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England France, the rest are there to make up numbers.

The reason the World Series is called the World Series is that the World newspaper once sponsored it. The paper is no longer in existence but you just don't mess with an established brand.

American football is played at about the same level as rugby internationally. You can play professionally through out Europe and down to second or third deivision in Germany and Japan.

Australia and New Zealand's football scenes are also growing.
I say the more the merrier Razz ! I love all types of sports, and so I think that its nuts to box yourself into 1 group or the other. I love the NHL as much as I love the Premier League!! Also, there are sports from both sides of the pond that completely turn me off. I just can't can't watch a F1 race, a golf tornie, or a cricket match without feeling more drained then the athletes! I mean no offense here cos we all have our likes and dislikes. Plus sports are played the world over and the bodies that govern them are not always British or American but rather a mixture of different nationalities which ultimately lead to rules being brought in, discarded or modified. So every sport ultimately has its fair share of fans and what appeals to you might not appeal to others so I say that we should embrace all sports and all athletes even if you don't like the sport!!
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