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Want to be a horse? Go here.

This is my newest site:
Another link to it (by a different domain name):
The Equine Dream
It is fresh made and in it's beta testing phase.
Please tell me of any problems with it.
(Known problems:
1:PNG images do not display properly in IE and some other browsers
2:Layout is out of alighnment when viewed with very high reselution
3:"Community" Forum not yet operational. {yes, I know it's still in installation mode, if any of you mess with it I can just delete it and put it back.}
4:Link to magic progress is not yet functional)

Also, what do you think of the design aspect?
The banner? (Made it myself)
The transparent gradient text backgrounds? (Just simple HTML code)
The site structure? (simple or complicated?)

Feel free also to comment on the content.
Tis horsetastic! But the Quick Progress links do not work. Other than that it seems fine.
the buttons can use some work,
dont like your site much Sad there is not much of a design in it, a bit to simple for me.
and one major error: when i acces your forum i come on the install section of the forum so i can modify everything
Hunterseaker wrote:

and one major error: when i acces your forum i come on the install section of the forum so i can modify everything

That was one of the known problems...
Also, are you using IE?
If so, switch to almost any other browser, and you'll be able to see some cool visual effects.
yes im using IE i didn't installed any other browser, i just formatted my pc so...
Loathing in Fear
I am using fire fox, and i can't see any visual effects.
The site is quite simple... it looks a bit like my first page Smile
oh yeah, and install the forums, becouse i just could install my own forums, on your domain...

Loathing Wink
And then I would delete them...
The transparent gradients aren't working?
Loathing in Fear
Nope... i can only see the background, some text, the banner, and the navigation bar...
no special effects...

Loathing Wink
The visual effects work under konqueror and mozilla. I know that for sure.
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