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Australian Open 2006

First off, i would like to apologize if there has been a thread about the first grand slam of the year, I skimmed through the board and did not see a thread for this/

okay, if anyone out there follows tennis like I do, well I don't exactly follow it religiously, but I am fond of watching it, especially the grandslams. So what do you think of this year.

I know that the they're almost into the third round but who are you routing for, who do you think will win, who do you want to win.

Serena and LIndsay are still in, Venus lost in the first round, HIngis is making her comeback.

Federer and Roddick are still frontrunners, Agassi did not play the open, and Henman lost the first round.

Me I'm hoping for a Davenport Federer win.
nah federer needs to lose for once! i dont mind safin winning it if he's there this year or is he injured? for the womans i wouldnt mind clijsters again if shes not injured.
Well.. Federrer Gonna take the Title at the Man's..

and their will be a big competition at the Woman't title.. I think it's gonna be - Or Kim clisters, Or Sharapova.. Or Hingis (Man I hope it's gonna
well, safin did not come to australia this time, he's still out with an injury.

clijsters is still in, so that's good but she's having some problems though she's still playing. on a sad note though mary pierce lost in the second round so we won't be seeing a hingis-pierce third round match.

I think that Federer is going to win the title yet again, I mean he's cruising through his matches.

btw hewitt lost so he's out..

on another news bit, serena lost to hantuchova, so there won't be a repeat champion this year, since she lost and safin did not play. sharapova also won her match so she'll be moving on.

Davenport is into the fourth round as well as henin-hardenne, roddick and nalbandian are still in.
Be good to see hingis or one of the belgians win the womens' although davenport hasn't won a slam for 5 years or something so i wouldn't mind her winning it.

Federer looks a safe bet in the mens' as usual.
Well.. The Williams sisters lost.. and they won't take title...
no it's may be Clijsters... Sharapova.. and maybe Hingis with her huge comeback..

And Hewet lost to.. and it's sad..
so only Roddic and Nalbadiam may challenge Federer...
Well, I'm really hoping that Davenport wins the open, i mean who knows how many opens she'll have left in her, and as joshdifabio said, she hasn't won a major in like ages, so I'm praying she wins. Clijsters too would be nice but since she already won the US Open last year, I wouldn't mind too much is she didn't win this time.

I think that on the men's side, Nalbandian has a better chance of winning against federer than roddick, I mean how many times can you hit power shots consistently against federer. Now nalbandian he has great groundstrokes, it's rare to see him up there on the net, but he has a decent volley too. If there's anyone other than federer I'm hoping to win on the men's side it's probably the argentinian, nalbandian hasn't won a major yet, so he needs one badly.
Men's tennis is becoming more interesting as more people are biting at the heels of Federer. Despite the absence of Safin, Agassi etc it iwill still beinterestiing to watch how the "cards fall".

Hewitt is not playing his best endurance tennis and he needs to change something about his game. I know nothing about tennis.
well you said that hewitt is not playing his best tennis and that people are biting at the heels of federer so that might say something. You do know something about tennis. though I wouldn't really say that they're biting at the heels of federer more like they were nipping at his heels. I still think that he's the one to beat though.

I never liked Hewitt, don't know why, maybe it's his arrogance on court is just something that I don't get. and agassi i'm wondering how many years that man has left on professional tennis, I mean he's probably considered a fossil now. a darn good one, but a fossil nonetheless.

hingis still in, clijsters still in.
well.. I don't think like you.. cos now.. the Men's tennis less interesting because the domination of Federer.. and that, that no-one can beat him...

At the women's the competition is more tauth... and more hardlly than at the Men's competition..
i liked federer's chances and he seems a gentleman off and on court. the thing is i do think that it's better for men's tennis to have one person dominate the sport.

remember Pete Sampras on his heyday, he dominated the men's tour and all players wanted to beat him left and right, and it made atp more interesting.

remember hingis years back she also dominated the tour and it took the williams power game and capriate to beat the swiss miss, as with the williams sisters when they werat the top of the women's tennis with their power game, a lot of younger women players and more experience players stepped their game up, developed a power game of their own and decided to compete with them,and see where they're are now.

so they all need someone that they want to beat, it makes it more interesting that way.

Davenport and Henin-Hardenne are set to meet at the quarterfinals. Hantuchove and Sharapova are to meet later todays. so that's one match I'm interested in.
okay just wanted to update this one, clijsters and hingis both advance to the quarterfinals where they will meet one another. Federer defeated Tommy Haas of Germany, after a five set scare. so that means that my picks is still alive in the tournament.

I like kim clijsters but here's hoping that martina hingis can win that match and go through the semifinals, i think that would be awesome.
I really haven't paid much attention to this year's aussie open. A lot of that might have to do with the fact that a lot of the big guns aren't around or already got their asses kicked! - Safin, Roddick, Nadal, etc.

It seems the women's side is more interesting. Although the only thing that I have really noticed is how hedious Sharapova looks wearing that awful blue thing. What is that thing called. Someone needs to talk to her stylist. Coz i see that thing and I immediately switch the channel. It gives me nightmares!! I hope she doesn't start a trend
heheh, well then you'll be glad to know that you won't be seeing that awful dress thingie again cause she lost to henin-hardenne in the semis so its mauresmo and henin hardenne to fight for the australian open 2006 championships. say whatever you might want to say against sharapova's taste in clothes but she's definitely hot.

losing davenport and hingis kinda bummed me out, not that I was a big hingis fan, but it was nice to see her back in the tour, who knows if she would have won against clijsters then she would have had a better chance to get to the finals seeing as kim retired in the third set. one thing that we can be sure of is, that Hingis is definitely back, but for how long, i cannot say, but she will be in the french open and wimbledon.

with men's thing, i admit it really was a blow to lost all the bignames at the start of the year, it does send a semblance of prestige to get all the big names in the marquee, but federer who is the number one player is still there.
Not really suprising to see henin in the final, i think she is the best woman player when they are all fit; mauresmo i didn't expect though really.

Obviously we all expected Federer to get to the final but Baghdatis! Sucks that he is gonna have to do military service as it is compulsory for cypriots and could hinder his career quite a lot.
Amelie Mauresmo won her first Grand Slam title Saturday
federer is amazing.
who win the match.
Australian Open
More injury woes for henin Sad feel sorry for her. Spose it's good to have someone different winning for once.

Federer was pretty shakey against baghdatis! Thought it was gonna be a really comfortable win for him.
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