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Splinter cell : Pandora ONLINE


i've just get pandora tomorrow from my brother. He had a copy with his new computer and don't play videogames.
I was just excited as i put the serial to play online on
Everything was ok, i made the tutorial for both side and after that, i looked for some server to play.. and there are absolutely no server in game, and no players too.
i've updated the game with the last patch, .. is it normal?
has everybody quit pandoraworld to go to chaos theory?
help me? i want to play splinter cell online!!
sry this was an error
strange i beleave there were servers
i have the game but i dont play online
if u want to play online u have to have m8's playing the game that u know them and maybe u host a server and they join or vice versa
now, r u sure u r connecting to the master server ?
maybe its ur firewall preventing u to connect (happens with certain games and firewall's)
just try it with one of ur m8's. They can try demo if they want
but if they got demo then they have to host because demo users can't see or join full game servers but full users can
if that doesnt work than u cant connect to master server and its probably ur firewall
it could be even because ur copy of the game is cracked not original
but im not an expert on the online game
i just passed the single player levels
never intended to play it online
have fun hope i helped
totally sure i was on master server, but too few servers, i stopped to try online, now it's chaos theory party!!
yea nice chaos theory is cool
here's a site for some sc chaos theory trailers
have fun
yea i have all the splinter cell games for xbox and i would definitely say that its almost impossible to get into a game of pandora tommorow online... but i cant wait for splintercell 4 to come out for xbox 360!!!
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