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Wiered PC problems

I'm experiencing really wiered PC problems. These include, random restarts with no warnings or anything. BOD saying drivers went in to infinite loop (siting ati dll as the cause). My monitor is going to stand by mode, and only way to fix it is to restart the computer. Random locking, followed by a restart. Finally, screen immage corruption (rare).
I'm guessing my graphic card is the culprate. When I bought it I had problems with BOD saying ati drivers went in to infinite loop. It occured while I was working with VS 2003. When things got worse I sent it to ati for repair. They sent a card back (I assumed they fixed it). For a while it was ok, but few month ago this started to happen. I tried latest drivers, old drivers.

I have AT 9800 PRO
ASUS A7M266 4x AGP slot
XP Pro SP1 slipstreamed to sp2.

Any idea how to fix it, or maybe an idea on other factors that might cause this. I think the warranty on the card is gone by now.

Are you sure that those are random restarts? Or something like a "cold" restart... Maybe, those are caused by a hardware failure. The default action of Windows OSes is to "restart" when a hardware failure occurs.
check your computer for viruses.
check that NOTHING is overheated
check all your hard drives for errors

then.... if nothing nelps-re-install windows.
if it wil not help- format all your drives and/or change graphics controller.
i have experienced almost the same problem as you. it turned out that i had installed the latest ati drivers without uninstalling them completely. it there are version compatability issues within the graphic drivers, all the errors you said are bound to happen

to fix it :
1. uninstall the ati drivers from the control panel
2.get and install drivercleaner
3. follow the instructions in the readme to remove all traces of ati drivers
4. install the latest drivers

hope this helps[/url]
You should try to isolate the problem... It's really hard for us to just guess your problem and formulate a solution...

Anyways, considering all our replies here, it's safe to say that your problem is hardware-related (including the drivers)...
first try to replace the Vcard and see if it works properly , if it does then the problem should be somewhere else ,

do u have problems of over heating , check ur motherboard too , see if any of the pins are gone fat , i mean the round shaped black pins ,

cuz i had the same problem , but first start with chaning ur card ,
Check your memory! Random lockups may be due to defective ram.

First try memtest86 and if it fails, SiSoft SANDRA's memory benchmark.

Once, I just cleaned the dust on the memory modules, and the crashes went away like magic!

May not be your problem, but worth a shot.
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