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Fix or remove the featured advertisements box

It isn't working. There's that nice whtie space, and I don't see the AD.

Can we either have a new ad there or just remove the box?
Euhm n00bie, I do see ads in that box Confused
Maybe you can clear out your browser-cache or something.


I thought it was just me who wasnt seeing them. And stupid me should have posted it as soon as it happened.

I havent seen any ads there since its been put up

NOTE: I have just cleared my cache, and stuff. Am using Opera & cant even see those ads on Firefor or the stupid Internet Explorer
i see the ads perfectly in IE , i told u before FF was a leech browser Laughing
I never sow these ads too... I think that´s an module that its not yet used...

But it didn´t bore me... A few clicks more will give me more muscles in my hands... Very Happy
they are there working fine for me
They will probably be gone in a few weeks if I find something better.

The ads are not shown to countries where I don't get money for clicks, mostly Asia. I know for sure that they are shown in Belgium, most of Europe, USA/Canada and Australia.
Here, in the netherlands, they're not being shown either, but that's just on one of my systems. Whilst browser settings and all are completely identical. The ads are just weird Razz.
Not even seeing them in UK-land at the moment.

And yes, I have turned off Adblock for this site.
Devil wrote:
i leech browser Laughing

FF can block the ads. Therefore users who take advantage of that are leeching from frihost. Getting webspace but not looking at ads to pay for it...
ocalhoun wrote:
FF can block the ads. Therefore users who take advantage of that are leeching from frihost. Getting webspace but not looking at ads to pay for it...
Its not true. There are more IE usrers with adblockers than FF.

And as for Gonzo what devil says has no meaning. He & his buddies have very different ideas abt IE & FF and dont wanna prove why FF/Opera are leach browsers.

It was a huge thing on Indyan's Blog and even made it to Opera main page. Unfortunately, Indyans having some troubles converting his blog to Word Press and has taken it down currently.

Check out the Google Cache: the post that says blocks Opera & Firefox(The Comments were really intresting but bcos of the problems mentioned above cant be seen)

Here's the forum discussion of & Opera forums

Maybe now u can decide why he calls Opera & FF leach browser
Can we have that box removed still since it doesn't show for Asian users? Or have something interesting like my face in the box for Asian Users?
Oh n0obie4life !!! I'm in Asia, and I've been dreaming every night since I'm a member here to see your face on top of the forum !!!

And the ads are shown here in south africa, i see alot of local content on the ads, and i also refered my parents to a site for paid hosting for their business. But the point is that the ads are useful and need not be removed.
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