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Ever wanted it to go a certain way?

Have you ever had something planed out in your head so well. You have it all set up, how everythings going to work. And everything would be fine. But then, once it dosn't happen that way, you kind of don't know what to do. I have become victim to this. I hate it. I moved to this new school, and I thought everything was great. It's a great school, great kids: no sex drugs lies...
Now everythings different. I see and hear so much that I wish I didn't. And I screwed it up with the only girl I want to be with. Why does this happen so much? I had a second chance. And now that it hasn't gone the way I wanted it to, I feel like everythings going down the drain.

Sorry for spilling on the forum, but I needed to get that out. So if this has happened to you, let me know I'm not the only one. If not, you can just reply saing how much of a looser I am and my life sucks, or just don't reply and press the back button

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Sounds like somebody could use some counseling... Wink

Has happened to me. Very depressing. I went into self-denial over the whole thing and ended up not being very good freinds with someone i really liked despite. Not much you can do about it 4,5 or 6 years down the track though.

Made life horrible for a while.
startsomething wrote:
It's a great school, great kids: no sex drugs lies
[end of message]

I don`t what`s so great about it... Very Happy
Anyway.. i can only tell you this... if it really wasn`t meant to be... it will never be... and you`re only loosing time by sitting and feeling bad for yourself. Go outside, make some new friends, meet some new people and go on with your life. Yeah i know, that is hard to accomplish... but it us the only thing you can do...
Good luck!
okay, let me just tell you that everyone in this world has probably felt that way one way or another, and if they say that they don't somebody is lying through the skin of their teeth either that or they just forgot.

i too feel that way, and the worst part of it, it seems to happen all the time, I have like this plan all sorted out, everything in order, and all this scenarios in my head, about what I'm going to do if this happened or that happened, and I considered myself prepared and ready for whatever eventualities. then comes the faithful execution of the plan and this time, things started going nowhere, and I found myself lost and confuse. The way I see it, is that there's probably a lot of variables tha twe haven't though or some random events or person that might not be in the picture to start being in the picture.

That's the reason i suppose "life sucks" you can't always be prepared even if you think you are, you just have to remember to make lemonade if you're given some lemons.

don't worry, you'll get through this one.
thanks for all the cheering up.
I didn't mean to make my post so dreary. It's not like that.
Anyway, I guess I just don't want to let go of the world I wanted and come to terms with the world at hand. But that's my own problem. It's hard though, cause my world was perfect, and I'm afraid that I might not make it in the world that is.

..your right, that sounds like something you'd hear in a shrinks office. Well now I know my problem. k... no more analyzing my mind. I don't like it.
Dude, how about taking it this way. Everything in this world happens for a reason. Yeah, things might seem that it suck now, but who knows, it might be a blessing in disguise. Something even better might be planned down the road for u. Lift ur head, be positive! Everything is gonna be fine. Cheers!
I don't know what to say that hasn't been said already.

Everyone makes mistakes. Big or small, everyone does it. Just learn from them, and move on. Life will only get better if you make it better. It very rare that something will just fall into your lap. Even people that win the lottery have to buy the ticket first, right?
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