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Xbox 360 can damage your discs physically!

Xbox 360 reports 3 percent faulty

Microsoft Xbox 360 has announced that only 3 percent of the 300,000 to 400,000 Xbox 360's sold in the United States were faulty.

Microsoft Corporation announced that only 3 percent of the 300,000 to 400,000 Xbox 360's sold in the United States were defective or faulty. Xbox 360 gamers beg to differ the 3 percent. Perhaps the truth sites somewhere in-between.

Xbox 360 problems are still being reported on GameSHOUT's website, by Xbox 360 users. The most common problems are scratched video game CDs. Several people have complained that the Xbox 360 unit ruined their game CDs and are nolonger playable.

Microsoft did mention that they would replace their video game CDs with a free "Perfect Dark Zero" video game CD. However, many GameSHOUT members have said that the replacement isn't generous enough and that their actual game titles should be replaced, and not by a free Microsoft game.

Other Xbox 360 problems include, over heating, freeze-ups, and a new video games with line tracers on it. However, some overheating reports might've been caused by placing the power source unit in a position for looks, rather than ventilation. Any electronic device would suffer the same problems give enough time when unable to breathe, as electricity generates heat.

If the 3 percent number is correct by Microsoft, then that would make the number of faulty Xbox 360 consoles to be 9,000 to 12,000 units. Still, some Xbox 360 gamers who lost games due to scratching feel that Microsoft should compensate for the video games, not by offering a free game.

XBox 360 games scratched?


A growing number of Xbox 360 customers are reporting having problems with their disc's getting scratched by the DVD drive when switching the unit's position from vertical to horizontal and vise versa.. Initially we thought this was the usual fanboy vs. hater propaganda that swirls around the launch of any new console like this. It didn't take long until the seriousness of the situation reared it ugly head right here in the Llamma's shop. I personally have experienced this issue not once but twice already. Here I was at a friends house helping him get this 360 all setup and networked for Live. In the process we decided to lay the Xbox on it side instead of the upright position.. I thought nothing of doing this while the unit was powered up and in the middle of a game. Big Mistake! I felt and heard the scratch happen and immediately thought; uh oh.. I think I just ruined your Call of Duty 2 buddy... sorry! You would have figured I learned my lesson and would be more careful next time I attempted something like that. Yeah.. guess not. Later on back at the Llamma shop I was taking some photos of a 360 when I decided to get a horizontal shot, again it was powered up so I made sure to do it more carefully. I guess that I was not careful enough because I got that distinct vibration and scratch noise again. There was no doubt in my mind what had just happened. I ejected the disc just to see that it was scratched like the first disc in a almost identical fashion. It will prove interesting to see if the reported Microsoft response is true or stands about replacement of the damaged game disks. Here at Llamma we just wanted to know why it was happening.

We started by disassembling of our one of our Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L DVD drives, which happens to be the only drive in any of our 360's. Upon inspecting the laser assembly it was obvious there was only one small area that could have caused this. I applied some silver sharpie marker over the entire black laser assembly housing and reassembled the drive. I threw in the Quake 4 bonus disk and waited for the small jet to take off. After the disc spun up I went through the tilting motion a few times. Video(1.5MB): How to scratch a disc with an Xbox 360 (mirrored courtesy of We then disassembled the drive to find what was causing the scratches. The following photo shows exactly where the problem occurs. As you can see the black showing through the silver area that was painted.


Well... Thats sucky! After the crashing problem, this. That's not good for M$.
Better read manual next time... It says you better don't move the Xbox360 with a disc in it...

There were alot of problems with the Xbox that I heard of I was going to get one but then there arent anywhere and plus all of those problems I heard about it.
I'm not stupid enough to move my system while a disc is spinning in it...
I aint that stupid either
HA HA funny boys all of u r!!
Yeah, this is pretty old news. Some people who had this problem would have a ring of scratches near the edge of the disks.
Code of Ruin
I bet your discs get damaged too if you would dance the rumba on it.
Kelcey wrote:
I'm not stupid enough to move my system while a disc is spinning in it...

No kidding. Hey also, don't move your computer or laptop while a disc is spinning! Durr durrr, c'mon people... how is this really a FLAW in the 360??

That being said, as I stated in THE 360 thread (why people keep creating new threads when ones already exist is beyond me) the PS2 had an even higher incidence of problems than the 360 is currently experiencing. I would say a 3% defective rate is fairly normal for ANY consumer electronics. It's just people like to harp on it, as proof that the 360 is "teh sux0rz!" as they say.
I bought a 360 on launch day and I have never had a problem with mine. My friend got one that always froze though. He had his replacement from microsoft within 3 days!
The noise it makes in that video is horrendous. I can see what he means by being able to "feel" the disc being scratched. Ugh.
Thats not really a 360 flaw now is it, it' more like a human flaw. The human being stupid enough to turn the thing on it's side with the disc spinning. Silly people.
ooh! with this many people will start criticizing microsoft and microsoft will have a hard time explaining. Actually I do agree that it's a human flaw instead of the xbox 360's flaw. I mean the people actually turns the thing on it's side with the disc spinning!? that's absolutely stupid and asking for your disc to be damaged!
Ouch, sorry, but that video made me cringe. I know many will complain that you shouldnt move your system whilst a disc is running, but having the system either way was one of MS's major selling points....
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