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tiny problem.. lost xp cd

lmao, its true i lost the recov cd Sad

Any1 give me a link were i can get hold of one?
Well, for free maybe Smile.

I have tried many websites but all they offer is to give me some dos file to put all info on floppy disks.

Problem : I dont have a floppy disk drive Very Happy

Solution : Loads of websites say to pay something rediculas like 80$ for them to send you 1.

!!! PLEASE !!!!

Someone help me Sad
You've got pretty much zero chance of getting one for free.

Aside from the fact that would be software piracy, a recovery CD is very different from an install CD. A recovery CD restores the current installed version of Windows, and you usually get these with a computer system that is pre-loaded with Win XP (often distributed by companies such as HP)

If you paid a few $ extra when you bought your computer, you might have got a full reinstall CD - this is just an OEM copy of Windows XP. If you need to reinstall Windows and you don't have a CD or a Windows Key, you'll need to buy a new copy.

Realistically though, $80 is quite cheap for a copy of Windows.
get a copy legally.

if not, let me know Evil or Very Mad
metalrappereu wrote:
lmao, its true i lost the recov cd Sad

Any1 give me a link were i can get hold of one?

call to your coputer manifactor. it wil not be free but it will cost not much.
I have the same problem. My laptop is Packard Bell R8720 with windows xp home. I lost my recovery cd and now I use Linux, but it isn't so good for laptop. If anyone have the same laptop please reply on my mail I would be very greatefull.
lf you bought the computer from a company, then contact them about it and ask for a recovery disk (not quite the same as XP, but close enough) and if not, then either get a legall copy or.....well, l don't believe l'm allowed to tell you the other way Neutral so good luck there Neutral.
ignity wrote:
sorry about that link .. here you go [link was here]

you will have to copy it all
You know, Microsoft would sue regardless of whether or not you have a valid key, those can be found easier than a copy of their OS Neutral Unless you have proof that you did in fact purchase a legal copy of this OS, and still have that same CD Key, this would not be legal Neutral.
I have not ever heard of microsoft taking action against a person in that situation. As far as i know they only take action if you used your legal key and used it on many computers which you should buy a licence. I mean if im wrong post a link of some info about the court case but as far as i know the last statement is not ture.

Im not saying im not wrong but im just trying to help... Also the licklyhood of that actualy i would say for a home user are more then 10 billion.
Granted, the chances of being persecuted for this are close to none, but that does not make it legal Neutral l really don't care if he uses an illegal copy or not, l don't care if Microsoft complains about it, the fact is, so many people do this now, that there is very little chance that someone downloading the software will be caught, maybe the distributor, but even that is rare Neutral. Go ahead and use it if you want, l don't care either way, l was just saying. And now l will leave, any reply to this post is futile Neutral
i mean you can download legal copys of xp from windows.. i mean check out i downloaded the windows xp 64 bit for free legaly ( the first link i posted befor was from redirected.. look at all of it) .. i will try to find you a link to download legal windows xp from msdn or directly from . it just takes a little bit of looking around.. i will repost later with a link. i didnt mean to get off topic earlyer. sorry
A word of advice .. some manufacturers create a partition on the harddrive with the recovery files ( HP for an example) you should use the software on the computer to burn those cds ...
i have the same problem, definitly the best solution is to contact the computer manufacturer.
I guess that will be no trouble - he probobly have the license sticker neatly sticked on his casing. That is the proof of a valid license. I got a zillon unopened XP pro cd packages after we uppgradet all our computers at work. Owning a original cd is not proof of ownership. It's nice though, to have "backup" cd's incase i lose mine Laughing

If you have the sticker, I guess you will have no trouble getting a reinstall. Borrow from a friend, coworker or whatever. As long as you use your serial as provided on the sticker - you are on safe grounds.

Edit : Some typos. I probobly have more, since English is not my native language.
You can't download windows for free. It's illegal, even if you have the Key
i just experienced a similar situation as you. my dell's hd was going bad and it was under warranty so we had a technician come and replace it. however the disc we burned back when we first got it apparently didnt work b/c none of the files appeared to be on there but when we burned it it said the burn was successful....i was real unhappy.
but we contacted dell and told them what happened and they said that they would send us a copy of xp (their version). got it about 2 bus. days later and the good thing with that happening is i was able to choose which junk programs i did or didnt want to add.
No, they are believe me. I go to college and they sell them in the bookstore. If you want a picture before hand I can get you one. But just send me an email, and we'll go from there.
I will recommend you to buy one.It is upto you to go for a legal copy or a friends copy.
coolclay wrote:
No, they are believe me. I go to college and they sell them in the bookstore. If you want a picture before hand I can get you one. But just send me an email, and we'll go from there.

Yeah - so it's an education license. If you read the terms and conditions, it'll state that the license you buy is for educational, non-profit purposes. It will also state somewhere that you're not allowed to re-sell the software.

This is only above board if another student was to buy a copy from you, but even then the license has been transferred from the original purchaser (you) to a third party (the purchasing student). However, it's also possible that the special price is only available to people at your college, so you would need to verify that.

If non-student types bought the software from you, it is just as illegal for them to use as it would be if they illegally copied a full-retail version.
I think you should be aight to download a copy or borrow a copy from a friend as long as it is the same windows, and you have your key. Also, might not hurt to call the company you got the computer from.
or call the customer support of your computer (example gateway) and talk to them about it..... they sent me two recouvery cd's for $20 (that was shipping and handling) Wink
Only way to go about is to contact your Computer Vendor.I believe apart from the OS the recovery cd should also have the drivers for your hardware as well. I'm sure they will be able to help you.

Considering the nature of the thread I am locking it to prevent illegal links being posted.

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