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Tivo with a Mac

I just got a Tivo about 2 days ago, and I finally got it working with the cable, but now I am interested in the whole "Wireless Network" aspect of it. For starters I downloaded the Tivo desktop off of, but I am not sure how to connect it with my Mac. They say to use their special wireless transmitter gizmo, but for $50 spent on that, I could just use a long cord for much less. Anyways, my question is, how would I go about to connect the Tivo to my Mac, and one a side note, how would I be able to copy TV programs onto my Mac from the Tivo, (and then perhaps burn them onto a DVD)? Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Edit v1: I just got the network hooked up with my iMac, and now I can play music and watch photos on my TV, but I still don't know how to get programs. Just FYI.

Edit v2: Well it looks like no one will help me, so I guess this final edit will be in vain, but anyways, my IP address changes I don't know how to keep it on one single address, oh well, any help is appreciated.

Edit v3: OK, I updated my tivo to version 7, and now I can download files to my computer via my tivo's IP address in a web browser, but the files come downloaded in the .tivo format, so I can't play them. I can't find any software to convert them, and I don't want to hack my tivo either. If anyone knows the name of any .tivo converting software, please reply. Thanks.

Edit v4: Alright, I don't know what I am supposed to do to ask for this to be deleted, but hopefully it will be because know one is help (not your fault, just bad luck for me).
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