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Fighting and Bullying

I got in a discussion in why people of diffrent social classes (and some of the same social classes) get in fights or pick on/bully other social classes. We talked mainly about 2 groups of people, though this discussion is open to any discussion on the topic. We talked about Jocks bullying Geeks and the person who goes out of his/her way to make someone feel special being bullyed by people that think s/he is stupid for doing that.

At first, I really had no idea on why Jocks beat up Geeks other than the reason that they have a very big upperhand and can just take advantage of them. My friend then went on to say that one reason that Jocks pick on geeks is that they may go see Star Wars, Play Duengons and Dragons, Use Computers, Watch the Matrix or some other Geeky thing but not understand it the way a geek does. With the outrage in this, the Jock wants to take his anger of not understanding it on people who do thus geeks being treated like dirt.

Then we started talking about the person who goes out of there way to help someone. My friend then told this story on how one of his friends, at a school dance, danced with one of the unattractive girls at his school. At first he went on about how he was kinda making fun of the guy, but then he realized that he was doing the wrong thing. He noticed a group off to the side doing the same thing and he asked them to stop, but they wouldn't. So he started taking punches at them to defend his friend. I think that they were doing this because they had full advantage over the guy and that he would never know. Also, since she was an unpopular person, they thought that by doing that, he was also uncool thus worthy of teasing.

Any thoughts or opinions?
Interesting topic indeed. I suffered greatly at the hands of jocks while in school...I was smarter than them and somehow (I think anyway) they took
that as some kind of threat to them. That kind of bull lasted untill college, then they wanted me around to help keep thier grades up so they could kill each other playing football. That was fine by me, they were not trying to kill me anymore.

It wasn't till I got to MIT that I was finally appreciated for being able to think.

I think as long as people are differant than each other some idiot will find something wrong and/or offensive with the other person or persons. Why we do this I for one will never understand. We are supposed to be created eqaul, but it just never seems to work out that way.

Unfortunatly this problem is for much greater minds than mine to ponder, I just hope they can get along while working out the details.
I guess you could say I'm a jock, but really the appearance of social classes has melted down since Middle School. In middle school there were very specific, very defined cliques. Each of them had their own table, and I sat with the "geeks" in which you would call them.

Then I got involved in football and track, so I became a jock. But I am also involved in band (band geek), an all A student in honors classes (nerd/geek), and even do some drama (some say that makes me gay). I'm a pretty rounded person, but I can't really tell you specifics.

Most people pick on other people (at least this is how it goes in our school) because they think it makes them funny, it makes people laugh, they think they're cool for it. Maybe they're just insecure too! I'll bet you've heard that one quite a few times before though, but it's true. People will do anything to get a laugh, even at the expense of others.
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