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Better Browser Support for Main Page

The main page of does not display correctly in Firefox 1.5 on the linux operating system. Considering this is a web-hosting/web-design site, I figured this would not be a problem. We need to realize that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the only browser out there. In fact, IE only accounts for about %80 of browsers, and it is even less, because most internet robots disguise themselves as IE. Also, people who tinker with computers, and/or are interested in web design, are more likely to seek out alternate browsers and/or OS's. Please don't tell me that I should just go back to IE or that Firefox sucks. I don't want to start a browser flame-war. I just don't beleive that any person should be forced to use one company's software for the site to be displayed properly. This site, of all places, should do their very best to be compatible with all browsers. On the main page, the light blue writing that says "Free hosting with php
250 Mb space and 10 Gb traffic
MySQL and DirectAdmin web hosting
Solid, reliable and fast webhosting
No advertisements at all!"
Is moved down a bit, and is behind the "Home Forums Tos FAQ Directory" navigation bar. Thankfully, most of the site is still functional (as far as I know). I hope this will soon be fixed.
It's fine on my FireFox 1.5

No problems at all viewing it.
I am using Firefox 1.5 on Linux and I have problems too. Here is a screenshot:

I hope you fix it, since a site should not be created for only some browsers support. It should be created to the vast majority of the browser, wich include Firefox.
It works in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera on Windows, which is over 98% of the visitors according to my stats. But that's still a lot in our case.

I don't like the Firefox version of Linux, it renders a lot of pages completely different than both FF and IE on Windows.

I'm going to change the design of the whole website anyway, so let's hope it will render fine then. Very Happy
Try using Konqueror or Mozilla.

It works fine with Konqueror on my Debian.
Konqueror at least used to not work so well, I havn't checked recently...
It used to have some of the same problems of that screenshot.
Now, I just use Mozilla for any forum-going.
Yes, it seems similar on my Firefox (on Debian) also. But check out my simple trick: Press Ctrl -, and cheer! (Or choose View - Text size - Decrease.)
I have to do this on several sites - I don't know if it's possible to make it a permanent setting. I haven't found anything in Preferences.
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