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My site =)

Hi, slowly started up my site.

This is just my personal site and I havn't done all the pages yet. Though downloads and some other works.

Note: It is not me that made the design, a friend of mine. You can get it on

You could come with suggestions later when site is more filled up.

/Axel Moller
desing is very very very nice. congratulation.
okay, nice, clean layout, matching colours. but I think it's too plain, isn't it? But then maybe because it's not finished yet, like you said. Some graphics maybe?
the design is cool, simple with good colors.
Maybe more content and some img will help Wink
Fast loading, a little dark with the coloring, but it still works....overall 7.5 out of 10 (That would be higher, but it's not finished yet).

Good Work tho
tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow buddy.
Thank you for the good credits Very Happy I don't think the site is slow though, maybe I could compromize the graphics.

I'm not the best writer so it's hard to fill the pages with information. I'm that kind of guy that wants to have as little text as possible.
Like a advertising for an airflight:

Fish'n chips & Shopping

Travel to London.
Flight and 3 nights from 170$
check your css for links in main window, a:hover is to dark
Yeah I know, allready fixed Smile
Now I have updated the site, built a simple CMS by adding piece by piece of others code Wink

Don't forget to look at the screens of my game Wink And neither forget to test any of my small programs Razz
The color theme is awesome, thats the first thing i (and everyone else) notices. Another good thing about your site is the header, its not to flashy but still is effective enough to bring an attractive edge to your site.

However one critical error in your site is content, it is lacking it horribly Razz
i like your site, the design are very nice. Wink
as most of thye members said i really like the desing of ur site
the design is nice
i love it, the pic is very beautiful
yup yup really nice design!! Good Job! Razz
Thanks everyone Very Happy
It's the perfect size for a personal site, but I don't think it's good enough for a bigger site, ie. Company-site or wellvisited site.
I got a rather funny post in my guestbook the other day:

Bastoralius - http:// - 2006-01-28 10:55
I feel very excited about your project!
Seems like you have been working alot with this project, and seemed to be highly cualified in gaming modelling and scripting!
I would gladly invest some money in your company.
Are your a Stocks availible to buy?
Make a call on 538-21-034

I checked the guy up, by City from IP. And I see that he comes from Sweden, as I do... From Solna,Stockholm. Not so far away from me.

So I add this to his post:

Edits by Admin: IP: - Solna Sweden, feel free to play any attacks on him. As long as I ain't goin to jail for your acts.

I did more check up on him, acctually watched some of the site his been visiting, yeah... 2 of them atleast Razz That was the only to I could find with an open log.
It is fun to chase this people Very Happy I know a lot of him, he likes skiing... He has a problem with his anger management. And his to young to live alone. And he can't spell to qualified Smile
Nice site, although you being able to track people like that make me really not want to go on your website and make my I.P available to you Razz

I'm gonna go and find a proxy to use before I go again!!" Laughing
Haha, don't worry Jamatu

Respect me and I will respect you.
ain't it gd too have friends to share some load Very Happy

your copyright year stretches till 2007 Shocked seems like you'll be doing your site slowly? i'm learning patience to spend more time on designing sites.
That's a nice site, really good layout.

Are the pictures in the gallery made in a design program?
clean, crisp, easy to navigate.. good way to start. Smile
Yes, the pictures are made with 3D Gamestudio...
Though on legal causes I have to rename my project GTA Stockholm, because Rockstar Games didn't allow us, It's gonna be called GTC Stockholm, Grand Theft Chicken!

I allso added a blog now. Where I will update my development Razz
Keep working on your site. I know you have a good start. Try to make it dynamic like adding log-in system since you have downloads, comments and suggestions, send email, and the like...
Very proffessional feel to it I like it Smile
Actually I have a login, but only for me... I don't want to start any "Community" because I only have one ( ) (swe)
Nice web site.Keep working on your site!
Nice job, I love the layout. Very Happy
whoa.... nice site.. and you made it professional. Good wok! Kepp it up, and i especially like the way you put that i support denmark banner. really cool, dude. Perhaps that'll inspire me to do that in my own website, for my country of course!
I've looked at your gallery, those 2 maps (3D worlds) what do they represent? Are those real world locations? And what program did you use to create those?
I like the site's layout.
very good website! its really cool! keep up the good work!

I updated the design, and allso I'm working on a new, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it, anyway. I have my project CMSecure:

A secure CMS based on PHP and MySQL =)

Check it out! ^^
Omax wrote:
I updated the design, and allso I'm working on a new, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it, anyway. I have my project CMSecure:

A secure CMS based on PHP and MySQL =)

Check it out! ^^

Nice site, but it has some CSS errors. I thinks that you should make Menu in own color and not just same image as background. Also you should adjust site so that it would not resize. In Main you should make it overflow:auto and widht same as menu and description. This would make site more professional, I guess.
Wow! What can I say...
Love the layout!!! Very Happy
nice page Smile more info could do it!
Very soon the CMS is finished and released! Very Happy

I'm just making some few changes. Mostly stylish ^^
In the bottom of the block with navigation you have two buttons: FireFox and Validator (as I see). Maybe you'll use javascript with changing opacity effect for them instead of simple code?
I see no point in that, and I don't like JavaScript.
I like your site. Really nice design.
nice site, well made. Only problem is it doesnt work for me in IE..

other than that i think it looks really good and professional. nice work.
Thank you! Very Happy

I'm trying to code as good as I can so my CMS can be published Wink
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