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Why does this happen??


I have downloaded a script from some website called Apymenu. This website told me that the script comes free of cost. Nothing was mentioned about anything like trial offer or something else.

Now I created this website and put up the menu too. need less to say the menu looks very good, but the problem is that at one extreme end of the menu an pop up like "trial version" keeps coming up.

I cant change the menu now because its pretty good and all the links have been properly loaded. But the users to my website are complaining about this annoying pop up.

Please someone say how to clear this pop up.

Note : The menu is in Javascript and there are two scripts interlinked. If anyone wants I will send the scripts too. Please consider this on an urgent basis.

Thanks in advance..
U should post a link to ur website too. U know once seen is better than hundred times explained. Wink
The menu you have is, if you didn't purchase one, a trial-version for only 30 days. It was on the bottom of this page.

I recommend you to search another script, or to purchase it (which is probably not what you're going to do :p )


Thanks to Miss.Sappho in advance........

I am posting the link to my website below.

Please look into it and say how it is done... There are two javascripts, first am calling the data.js script into the page which inturn calls the apymenu.js script. I think the problem is with the apymenu.js script as I have completed checking the data.js script and it has no possibity of having this pop up display.

The apymenu.js in turn is coded pretty complexly which am not able to decode a bit, so please help as early as possible...

If you need I will send you the scripts as well.

Thanks again....
maybe you didnt read what blackskad posted. This is what their site says
The trial version of Apycom JavaScript Menu may be used for evaluation purposes only for aperiod of 30 days.Evaluation use includes the review and or customization of the software on onelocal computer. This software may not be placed on the internet or a localintranet site for viewing and or use by multiple persons.

As a result you MUST remove it! Exclamation

check here for more completly FREE and FULL menus

n0obie4life - I decided not to create a new post, so this is hijacked.

Anyway, you better remove that program or whatever is that or we'll suspend your account.
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