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Has anyone tried it?

The site is
I have already downloaded it but i never uses it because its only 12.9 mb .... I wonder if there's an OS with such less bytes....
I've tried ubuntu and I like it so much....
Sometimes its not possible or feasable to run ReactOS on real hardware. Emulators are software programs that enable you to run ReactOS in a virtual machine on your existing operating system.
ReactOs needs another operating system and an Emulator.....
Ive used this before, good start but it isnt anywhere near complete and is likely to grow in size as more features are added
I saw this site, but I will stick with Ubuntu for a long time. Wink
Look out for assasins hired by Microsoft...
Besides that, cheers!
i will try it.

but who need it?
is it better than xp?
can photoshop work on it?
I haven't tried it, but by reading the website it seems like it would be a pretty good OS. However, I agree with some of the other people that posted. There are many OSes that are better, such as Ubuntu.

Yeah, I tried it, but I couldn't install any apps that would be worthwhile for me to have. I ran it in a virtual machine under my current operating system (I used Qemu, which is free and open-source; some other virtual machine programs are Bochs and VMWare).

In fact you can get a pre-installed image to use with Qemu here: -- I think that's how I heard about ReactOS in the first place.

ReactOS is aiming to do something very different than Ubuntu or any other Linux distro, but it's quite a far far way from being ready for use.

vinx_18, I've seen a demo disk for QNX that fits on a 1.44 mb floppy -- that has a full gui! There are quite a few "mini-distros" of linux that fit on a floppy, but QNX is the only OS I've seen that fits a GUI in that space!

(GUI = graphical user interface, anything that's not just a prompt and text)
see the two links at the bottom for the boot disks
Some more information:
With QNX4, it was doable to make a special purpose floopy with Photon and your particular drivers. They (QSS) had to work real hard to get enough drivers on the floppy to make it general purpose - as in they used a special purpose compression to compress the whole floppy and decompress it to a ramdisk on boot. And they broke the Photon libs up so they had a small enough shared lib to provide basic fnctions without bring in more than they needed.

With QNX6, it is not possible to make the general purpose approach - Photon 2 libs are too big - but you can certainly make a bootable floopy system. I'd have to go look, but I believe we made a bootable install system for a customer which originally was floppy based (we eventually moved to a bootable CD). The problem, of course, with QNX6 is I don't think you have the right pieces to do with with the NC release.

And here's some links to small linux distributions:

Note that particularly the floppy ones will leave you at text prompt (no graphics) so if that's not something you're expecting or know how to handle, you probably don't want to bother trying them.
I have never heard of it what is its purpose it says it implements windows OS's but is it NT based or is it Linux.
Currently ReactOS is in alpha stage, up-to date 0.3 version is capable to run sort of windows software (see compatibility database on website).

Now it isn't system repleacement for Windows but... it has potenetial.
You should really give it a shot and try some VMWare images or run ReactOS in any other way.
{name here}
vinx_18 wrote:
I have already downloaded it but i never uses it because its only 12.9 mb .... I wonder if there's an OS with such less bytes....
I've tried ubuntu and I like it so much....

Yes it is. Plan 9, Mac OS 6 and down, CP/M, ProDOS, GS/OS, MS/PC/DR/Free-DOS, Windows 1.1, etc. The necessary files to bootup and have a workable system are little in bytes and are plausible to be on a 12 MB Image. The reason the image is usually so big is all the crap that you don't need is there(in XP's case).
The site is

The link is lose. No, it change to:
I have the liveCD of this system, and I actually tried it. It very basic, but just the thought of trying to make a WinOS compatible OS is a great thing. They been up for 10 years. Congrats!!!

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