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Who have a worst pc

I have very old machine:

Cyrix x86 233MMX
49Mb dimm
graphics card:s3trio virage 2Mb without graph. accel.

And who is the best hehe !!
Mine is held together with barbed wire and bubble gum....until I got a modem all it had for communication skills was 2 cans tied together with string Smile

Just joking, sounds like you have a piece of art there.

Good Luck.
I have one slower and older, but it has no monitor at the moment. Its a P-133 with 32 MB and a 2.6G HD. The video is the 2mb trio 64 onboard.
I have a tany 1000. Doesn't even run dos. Just deskmate.
And my first pc was a 386dx. 33Mhz!!!! 4 Mb ram. I remeber that when i`m excited whem i`m was plaing Alone of the dark I!
Good old days. heh
My first pc was a ZX Spectrum (well connected to a tv)
Then got an IBM 086 with less than one meg of ram, then a 286 which got windows 3.0 on it using real bendy disks. Then a 386,then a 486 dx 66mhz.
then pentium 1,then 2,then AMD duron, Athlon and now sempron.

Ive used enough computers in the last 12 years or so!
I have a very old dos computer, I don't know what the exact specefications are but it has a 18 Mhz processor.
And onboard video
Wow, and the one I am using for a server i thought was bad.

64mb Ram
10gb HD

It's an old IBM Aptiva
The worst machine ever is a PC.
custom built, 16 mb ram, i think it was 133 mhz. I can;t imagine only having 18 mhz. On this pc i get 2000.
In the late 70's I purchased aSpectrum ZX81. It had the size of a PDA, 1kb of memory (yes you've readed it well, 1 single kb), no screen (you had to use a tv set), no graphics, no sound, and you had to store your data on a compact cassette.
Anyway... it was a REAL computer. you could program it both in basic or assembler and it was much more powerful than the pocket calculators of its time.
Goatmonkey wrote:
The worst machine ever is a PC.

It's funny because it's true. Laughing
I have Orao MR102, 1 mhz, 16kb Ram, 16kb ROM Smile
my original computer was a Tandy trs-80, commonly refered to as a "coco2" (stood for color computer 2)

0.894Mhz motorola chip
9600 baud Modem
Tape drive w/1500 baud transfer speed

i spent many fun-filled hours playing "Zaxxon" on that baby....

Although not the same one, i found one at a grage sale a few years ago and still have it kicking around here somewhere with a dot matrix printer.

God i feel old suddenly......
Now this is a rather inane topic, don't you think? However, yes it does seem like you have a great pc there. Right now I am actually at school in a computer class and I am finished with my work.

I actually like these computers. They are Hewlett-Packards. Pentium 4 3.00Ghz, 504 MB of ram. Sure its not the best out there, but pretty decent for a school. My personal one at home happens to be a 1.8GHz. Not too bad either.

To you, I suggest investing in a new pc lol.

Good luck.
My first computer was an Acer Pentium 100MHz, 16MB RAM, 4GB HDD, with 4x cd rom.
That time it was quite great for a 100MHz. That was around 1994 or 1995 i think. Laughing
slider19 wrote:
I have very old machine:

Cyrix x86 233MMX
49Mb dimm
graphics card:s3trio virage 2Mb without graph. accel.

And who is the best hehe !!

Not exactly a high end gaming machine, but still useful. You could turn it into a decent firewall. You will need a few NICs in it but it should do fine.
seanooi wrote:
My first computer was an Acer Pentium 100MHz, 16MB RAM, 4GB HDD, with 4x cd rom.
That time it was quite great for a 100MHz. That was around 1994 or 1995 i think. Laughing

I built A ZX81 in kit form many many moons ago.
i still have a tandy1000 it has no harddrive it boots up with in dos and only runs 5.5 floppy disks. the flatbed comp is like 40 pounds and is the loudest thing on earth. the monitor is a mere 8 inches and only has four colors. lolz, the damn thinq is just sittin in the back yard inside a shed. i'd have to say its a technological piece of antique now huh? i bought it in 1995 at a garage sale in colorado springs. took it apart for a hard drive but to my surprize it didnt have a hard drive nor did it have a mother board with ram. it ran at like 96 khz bwah ha haha. i also have an old laptop somewhere that has a 5 inch screen. it has a power cord perminately attached and has two 3.25 floppy drives right above the keyboard and wieghs about 25 pounds. i donn know what the make or model is, but it iz an old piece of junk.
I have an used to have an old apple. I think its older than a apple II. This thing weighed a ton. And no hard drive it ran off of 5 1/2inch floppies. Im not sure but i think it could display around 4 or 8 colours.
Jeez, I've had some crap in my time - ZX80, Commodore PET, Jupiter, Amiga, Acorn, Apple IIe, & I even picked up an Apple Lisa at 1 time!
My 1st "serious" PC was a 486dx 66MHz. At the time I got that I thought it was the dog's doodahs.
I now have a home network based around a cutom-built, overclocked AMD64 with 1Tb of hard drives. My main PCs are 2.8GHz Vaios. Bit different to the 486!
i've got a Dell Latitude with a 10 gig hard drive running windows Xp and has 180 mb of ram and a nvidia go graphics card. It would be hates me, so it is even worse than it would be.
I dont use it or know if ti works anymore but...

286 3mhz
10mb hard driver
Ram unknown

That is all I know about it. I dont have a power supply to boot it anymore.

The worst working compture I have is.

486 dx 50mhz
1.2gb harddrive
8mb ram

windows 3.1
This is my friend's computer

486 cpu? 66MHz
16?MB simm
integ. graphics card.
890MB hard disc.
Bioses battery is snagged out, so every time he start computer, time are 0.00 Rolling Eyes

Actualy it is Compag Desk XE from '93
This is HARDWARE btw. this should not be in the software forum Very Happy
I have a computer which specifics are:
CPU - Pentium II 120MHz
Ram - 32MB
HDD - about 650MB Smile

I'm having this computer about 5 years. 5 years ago it was fantastic, i played a lot of games with it. It was my first computer...
lol... ive had a pentium 166, with 32 Mbs...
but nowadays.. its impossible to work with a computer like this...
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