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gain money via internet! be careful against internet gambler

dear frihost users

I lived troublesome today about money gaining via internet
I will explain some reality that occured today
if someone or some company offer you to became their finance representative or finance manager in the country that you are living in
,all of them are fake and fraud,
this is completly illegal something
if someone offer you , be our country manager and gain %5-7-10 commission as a result of money tranfering into their international accounts,do not belive in them about the transactions
all of the named activities are illegal
higly percant ,the offerer company is breaking one's internet account'S combination and trying to transfer money into their account
be careful ,if you get like that proposal via internet
they everytime says you , do our finance representative gain money
I m saying and warning you about this illegal transaction
if you do that you will be tooken into JAIL in short time ,
please warn,notify your friends,parents and other inniciant internet users about the transaction

Very good advice there, everyone should be wary of alleged *FREE* offers of any kind.

It's been my experience nothing is truly for free.

Thanks for the tip Smile
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