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I launched version 4.5 of my site


Not much on the home screen...the boards is where it really shines...

Critisism and Feedback are most welcome. Joining it would be delighted
why don;t you use the same layout on the home page as on the Boards it might make your home more interesting to look at...
Yeah you should definitely make your home page look the same as the boards otherwise people will think they got a 'server is down' message. I think you need something at the very top, an AdSense ad would fit nicely. You also need to move the poll box so you have that space to put a banner with 'Gaming Destiny' on it or something. The links are too close together on the navigation bar as well. Anyway just get a base of registered users and it'll be great. Very Happy
Ok, don't make a site where the designs don't tie into each other. You want to create a feeling of unity between the site and the forums. Don't juxtapose colors on the main site and the forums (eg. using black for the forums, and white for the main site)... If this is the fourth (and a half) incarnation of your site, sorry to say, but its not that impressive.
i think you can do better than that. for me it looks boring. sorry thats just my opinion.
The homepage tells a lot about the rest of the website. Its were you'll welcome the visitors of your website so I guesss you need to spruce it up even just a little. Smile
Reminds me of game faqs a very lot, you didnt by any chance copy that? The coloring is nearly identical or is identical
u know.. u can make ur board ur home page just to put up a beeter impression..

u need more time on urt site..
reall need to do that the beggining thing deters people it almost looks like an error its so bland
first page looks like error page. first time you open it its hard to understand where is menu bar. like someone said before, it would be good idea to make page style more similar to board style.
I agree with one of the earlier post. spruce up the main page. and some color and maybe some graphics. but be careful. i have a problem on mine with load time but cannot do anything about it would have to redesign whole site. use youe imagination you may come up with something unique.
Wow, I bet it's just a site for a clan or a guild.
I hope your clan be alived longer then mine.

Everytime I create a clan site, some weeks later they want to change it or someone else has a better version, grrr. Wasted my time.
To be honest with you it resembles to closely, while there is nothing wrong with that you can lose alot of people just because they dont respect you for that.

However the message boards look good and you really should integrate that theme throughtout the site , but make your header fade into the baackground better. At the moment it doesnt look right
only contact information available
i expect your new thing add on in the future
Just to clarify, it IS a board that originated on GameFAQs.

Oh, and there's a new homepage.

And the server's down. Razz
Cool site Very Happy Wink
Yes it is a GameFAQs spinoff board but with more features than the GameFAQs boards have themselves. The layout for the homepage was changed drasticly before the server crashed...I didn't get a backup for it though.

Now it really is an error message!
Help me as I go!

I'm redesigning everything on it. That's what I have so far.
In desperate need of members!

Critisicm of the boards is welcomed (not of the homepage...still working out what to put there)
wow i think its lookin good not Very Happy nice job i really like the colors and the format
I banner is nice. The way you have the V2 is really cool. Really good design. I am registering your forum. If you want you can make me a mod or junior admin Very Happy Any way for some reason I put the wrong email so can you delete the account Blaster so i can reregister.
Looks great! I sugest you and I exchange links... PM me if you are interested. My site focuses on video game reviews...
okay, it's nice... but I think it could use some differentiation for different links
good design... did you make it?? if so how?? adobe photoshop CS2?
nacho wrote:
good design... did you make it?? if so how?? adobe photoshop CS2?

Serveral designs use CSS2. There is more than one stylesheet you can choose from (all from various other sites I go to)
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