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How about them steelers!

Man I was very happy wehen my favorite team I mean come on that's the sweetest thing that can happen the #6 seed beats the #1 seed now thats awsome if your a steelers fan.
Man im with you 100% on this one. The Steelers got cocky at the end, but it worked out. The Colts missed that kick and it was game over for them. Carolina's kicker has a shaky foot to know that i think about it. That must be the suckyest job in the players part of the NFL!
that game was like the superbowl for me personally i though it was the game of the year but who do u guys think will win broncos or the steelers i think its going to be a good game but at the end steelers will win 28-14 Laughing Laughing i mean if they beat the number 1 team the colts cant they beat broncos
yesterday showed 2 really good games. definetely 2 of the best of the season. its just a good thing that the steelers did when that game, otherwise that would have been robbery. that referee needs to be punished for that blatant mis-call. it was obvious polamolu had possession and it was his own knee that caused the fumble...idiot referees....the bus scared the crap outta me. he NEVER fumbles the ball!. but vanderjagt came through and choked royally.

as for steelers vs broncos...its not a sure thing that just because the steelers beat the number 1 seed that they'll win. seeding really doesnt mean all that much, all i know is that it will be a great game.
i have absolutely no idea who will win between the steelers and the broncos. I thought an indy win was pretty much in the bag. next thing you know vanderjagt is sitting by himself in the locker room while the other players plot the most effective way of disposing of body!

With that said, i am going to go with the steelers. Big Ben is healthy and he showed that. They showed that they can really throw you off at the beginning of the game. I guess Denver will expect the steelers to come out guns blazing. The steelers will expect the same too. it should be a great game and may the best team completely rip the other one apart!!
I was rooting for the Colts and the Steelers at the same time. Colts mainly because of what a high class coach Dungy is and Steelers because it's probably Jerome Bettis last season in the NFL and the Super Bowl is going to be hosted in Michigan, his home town.

Nonetheless, the Steelers got robbed on an interception but they still managed to win.
dang, i figured the colts were going all the way.
my prediction now is pittsburg and carolina
after the Colts lost to the Chargers, it was downhill for them
TNPCrew wrote:
after the Colts lost to the Chargers, it was downhill for them

i no man... i love the Chagers, but no im sad cuz they didnt make it to the playoffs. =(
i had really invested a lot of time and energy in rooting for the colts, so i really feel cheated. but like the saying goes, don't cry over spilt beer! So I hope the steelers can overcome carolina. It would be nice to see young BEN take the lombardi trophy. It would be sweet for the bus too. He would probably cry like a little baby. Now who doesn't want to see that!!
yeah i think the outcome of the steelers in the afc championship holds the future in terms of the bus. if they make it to the superbowl i would think he would retire no matter if they win or lose(of course it would be sweeter if he won in his hometown). if they lose to the broncos, i think that the bus will return for one last shot at the super bowl.
i think this is the bus's last year regardless of whether they win or lose against denver. But then again Deon Sanders is still running around with the ravens and look how long it took jerry rice to retire. You never knew with these guys. But it would be nice for him to sign off on a high. how many players actually get to do that?
now they HAVE to win the superbowl. If they don't cowher is going to get fired and the bus will get ran over by a cab and... you get the picture. They enjoy playing the underdogs, but this time around they are the favourites by far and more people are rooting for them - which sucks for the seahawks considering it's their first superbowl.

It should be a great game - definitely better than last years.
The superbowl is going to be a great game. I can't really decide but i am hoping for the Steelers. Cower will not get fired if they loose or at least if he does the Steelers are razy. Cower is an amazing coach and has a great rep with the players. The difference in this one wil be the quaterbacks. You would think Pitssburgh has the edge but Hasseback has been playing mistake free football, nothing special or big numbers but quietly getting it done, like a tom Brady. Alexander will get his yards and the bus will score but pitss has a better edge in the receiving department.

Go Steelers go
I think that Troy Polomalu is one of the best defensive backs in the nfl. He is one of the many reasons for the steelers success. Hats off to Bill Cowher. How long has he been the coach? He had a few bad years but the steelers stuck with him. I think this is the year for the steelers.
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