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Fri Points

Last night before finishing up work I had almost 100 fri Points (not fri$), then I wasn't able to connect to the forums or my websites all night and get up this morning and find half of my points are gone, I now have 47 and I post multiple times daily.....what happened??? I have been following all the rules here why am I losing points I earned??
Every 24 hors it will reset the points to 48 or 45 cant remember which, its not punishment but it prevent someone coming on spamming for 2 weeks straight then having hosting for a year +++ without visiting.
Now that makes sense, but it doesn't reset every 24 hours it took me over a week to earn those points then they reset. If they reset and take your points away, what's the sense in giving them out? I'm still confused what FRI$ are used for.

But Thank You for explaing that to me, I appreciate your time.

I dunno why it gives out after that point... and fri$ are just a strange occurance that for some reason some people think are half valuable and will trade services for them. I think the aim is to get the to "buy" extra stuff for your hosting account.
Thsi is taken right from the FAQ's.
Q: What are the 'FRIH$'?
Unlike the Points, the FRIH$ are here to trade, donate, buy and exchange things. You can do whatever you want with them. You can buy and trade services/goods in the marketplace. Frihost will also give away certain things for a specific amount of FRIH$ in the future.

Q: What are the 'Points'?
The Points are used to determine how active you are. You shouldn't worry about them, unless they become negative. The hosting accounts of users with negative Points may be removed. You can't trade or exchange Points.
Every day, 1 Point is deducted from all hosted members. There is also a maximum of 45 Points. Two email warnings are sent at -5 and -10 Points. Your account may get removed after those two warnings if you are still inactive.
Please note that the Points are only an indication of your activeness. Frihost uses it to indicate possible inactive users. No account is removed automatically.

This should explain everything you had a question with.
The reason you had the points for a week was because you didint have a hosting account. And the day you got the hositng account that's when it deducted the poins automatically.
Thank you for the explaination xorcist, but I had my account already, transferred 2 domains over to it and uploaded 3 websites before my points were deducted.

No matter, now I know that they are a simple idicator of participation I won't stress over them. Thanks Again Smile
Most likely you weren't hosted by then and they are only changed for hosted members.
Yeah, go my 150 points! I am seriously not looking forward to it getting dropped down to 45 once my request is handled Sad
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