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Broken Flowers

Hello all,

Yesterday i saw the movie Broken Flowers with Bill Murray:

Basically, It s the story of a single 50 years old man that never got married, and that learns he has a son since 20 years from one of the girl he was with.

The movie is for me in the same style than lost in translation for those who saw it, but I felt there was something missing compared to it. While with lost in translation I was amazed by Bill Murray and the story and feelings around it, here I was just anmazed by Bill Murray.

Now SPOILERS read only if you saw the movie:

Does someone understand while Jim Jarmusch decided to make no end to his movie ? I mean I remained like where is the second part... well if anyone has a simple explanation, it is welcome Smile
Well. This is my first Jarmusch experience (before "Broken flowers", I've just seen a short film from him about Setember 11th, which I can't recall what it's about).

I liked the film: the actor's direction, the soundtrack and the script is very good. But, to be sincere, I didn't understood the end too.
I think there IS an end. Probably something like, "It doesn't matter what happened with that furious lady and if that kid is really his son, but yes what he discovered and what he achieved".

I look foward to read some thoughts about this end.
Jim Jarmusch films are just like that. I remember renting "Mystery Train" when I was in High School and I was just overwhelmed with the sheer, well, weirdness of it. I would recommend "Coffee & Cigarettes" because it's a much more grounded movie in that it's a series of shorts where everyone is drinking coffee or smoking and the conversation is very humorous at times. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of his work but I love Bill Murray. So it's basically a wash when it all comes down to it. However, I know lots of cinemaphiles who love what he does.
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